VIDEO: President Buhari Officially Denounced The 100 Day Covenant As A Fraud in February Before Elections

  • The So-called #100DaysPromise Was Not On Any Mainstream Media Channel


Correct me if I am wrong. At the time I knew we at ENDS dissected the so-called Buhari 100 days covenant and certified it fake for too many reasons. We noticed it was not published in any of the main stream media channels. Not on PremiumTimes, not on Vanguard, not on SaharaReporters, not in Punch. So obviously it was fake and not released by the APC official media channel or by Buhari’s presidential campaign.

The so-called Buhari promise only showed up in editorials like AbuSidiqu and NewsRescue, a particular editorial that was openly dedicated to destroying Jonathan by any means necessary.

We also noticed the so-called #100dayspromise was riddled with errors, had no formal introduction nor formal ending and had no publicity agent name. It was a sham of a document, albeit a sweet document and certainly not one made by any formal media office.

Not unsurprisingly Buhari in Chatham house im February before the election, as can be heard at 34 minutes of the “Prospects for Democratic Consolidation in Africa: Nigeria’s Transition” speech video rapidly responded that whatever #100dayspromise must be a fake document and that he knew nothing about it.

Listen At 34mins To Buhari Denounce The 100 days Covenant As A Fraud Since February This Year Before Elections

Excerpt from Buhari Chatham talk:

“I respect the question (about high expectation in first 100 days). Quietly I was thinking about this high expectation. Those who are following the train of our campaigns and seeing how people are turning out, some becoming emotional and crying, I am really getting scared. If I get there they will expect miracles within the next few week or months.  That will be very dicey, handling that one. And I think we have to have a deliberate campaign to tamper high expectations with some reasonableness…on the part of those expecting miracles to happen.”

“Just to go first to the ‘first 100 days’, some of it is fraudulent and I don’t want to participate in any fraud in any form. Nigerians know that we are in trouble as a people and as a country.”

“When we get there we will quickly get correct intelligence of what is on the ground and inform Nigerians and just in line with what I have just read. We will make sure that the misappropriation and application of public resources will not be allowed. You would be surprised by how much savings we will realize. That saving will be ploughed back into development and this is what I can promise. But I would remove that ‘100 days’ mischief/mystery that some politicians have created.”

So in conclusion, bright people wrote the #100dayspromise. Rather fascinating and provoking things were written in it. The problem is, it was not written by or signed by President Muhammadu Buhari. It would have been retarded to make such robust promises of the first 100 days of a new government when you have not yet known what you are being handed over or been handed it. Perhaps a young youth who has never occupied a position of authority could imagine and conceive of such overzealous document, but not a professional and never a known to be slow and steady from his first stint, former great president who knows what the job entails. Such promise for 100 days which includes many projects that take years to establish as is contained in the document is simply illogical and we do hope and know our president is not retarded.

Now let us keep enjoying our great new nation.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian