Call For Immediate Sack Of Death Squad Terrorist Police Chief Joseph Mbu


The threat by the unhinged police chief, Joseph Mbu as contained in today’s news; to kill twenty of us civilians for any police officer killed in violence prompts our call for his immediate termination from the service and trial for terrorism.

We do not feel safe anymore; we have hardly felt safe and this new open terrorism threat by armed Nigerian officials in the service of the ruling government has eroded away any hope of our safety and security left.

The role of the police and army is to defend and protect innocent civilian life not to take it at will. The role of the police and security service is to investigate crime not to harass, intimidate and commit genocides in response to criminal actions.

Police man Joseph Mbu has just publicized a dangerous Genocidal Thinking manifesto that is being read by all police officers across Nigeria today ahead of the elections; the many of these trigger eager men are going to (God forbid) follow his guidance and spray shots indiscriminately into crowds when and where they suspect one of theirs has been murdered.

Are we now to be intimidated not to participate in the political process but to leave it to ruling politician thugs with their sacks of purchased PVCs, for fear of being killed by genocidal terrorist police officers?

The murder of three sons of the Islamic movement leader, Zakazaky and over 30 innocent paraders last year comes to memory. That event that has not yet been investigated portrays the character of some of our security officers that rather than be ashamed of as a nation and check, the likes of Joseph Mbu actually publicize and make renewed policy of.

The burning of BRT buses in Lagos and the first burning of Baga (by our army) also comes to mind, as does the laying siege of the homes of Garba Shehu and Bola Tinubu. We innocent civilians stripped of weapons must not be turned into target practice of a schizophrenic, blood thirsty, megalomaniacal security force.

There is a growing threat to civilian life in Nigeria that must be immediately addressed and checked.

The King Has Gone Mad!

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian