Canadian mayor backs Israel’s actions no matter how many children die

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Jeremy Levi, mayor of the Montreal suburb of Hampstead, has stated that regardless of the number of children killed, he will continue to back Israel in its continuing war in Gaza.

More than 18,200 Palestinians have perished in Gaza’s nine-week bombardment, according to health officials, as Israel’s retaliatory assault in response to Hamas’ October 7 cross-border attack continues apace. According to Israeli sources, 1,147 of its nationals were slain in the October attack, while another 240 were taken captive.

However, as international condemnation of Israel’s Gaza siege grows, Levi, who was chosen last year to manage the largely Jewish Hampstead hamlet, has stated that Israel’s military onslaught must continue until “good” results are achieved.

I’m not calling for a ceasefire,” Levi said in a video posted to social media on Monday by Yves Engler, a vocal critic of Israel. “I want the hostages home, but I’m not calling for a ceasefire.”

The mayor added about the increasing death toll in Gaza, particularly deaths of children: “I would never support [the killing of children], it’s terrible. But Israel has to do whatever they have to do to protect the security of their own people.”

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, almost 70% of those murdered in the enclave since Israel’s offensive began have been women and children under the age of 18. According to UN humanitarian experts, over 160 children are killed in Gaza every day, or one child every ten minutes.

In November, UNICEF spokesperson James Elder told reporters in Geneva that conditions are deteriorating further and predicted a worsening humanitarian disaster “if children continue to have limited access to water and sanitation in Gaza.”

“Hamas must be completely eradicated,” Levi continued in his video message. “[The collateral death toll] is horrendous, but there is no other option.” My heart goes out to all the innocent folks who have been through so much.

When asked if he would still support Israel if 100,000 children were killed, Levi replied, “You can give me any number, my answer will be the same: Israel needs to eradicate Hamas.”

Levi implemented a bylaw in the Hampstead neighbourhood last month that would fine anyone who tore down a poster of missing Israeli people CAN$1,000, with the money going directly to Israel.