China questions ‘credibility’ of G7 members

Lazy eyes listen


The worldwide community will not accept the G7’s pro-Western principles and will not enable the US-led group to dominate world affairs, the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated on Saturday.

“China will never accept the rules imposed by a few.” “The international community does not and will not accept G7-dominated Western rules that seek to divide the world based on ideologies and values,” according to the statement.

The Foreign Ministry went on to accuse the organization of attempting to force its will on others and acting on behalf of “America-first” policies. “That simply shows how little international credibility means to the G7,” the ministry added.

Gone are the days when a handful of Western countries could freely meddle in the internal affairs of other countries and affect global politics.

The Group of Seven is an informal club comprised of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Officials from the EU are usually present at the yearly sessions.

In a joint declaration issued on Saturday at the G7 meeting in Hiroshima, Japan, the G7 cited a number of complaints leveled at Beijing, including intellectual theft, “economic coercion,” and domestic human rights violations. According to the group, it firmly opposes “any unilateral attempts to change the status quo by force” in relation to Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Beijing responded by claiming that “issues concerning Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet are solely China’s internal affairs.” China charged the G7 of threatening regional stability by providing “support for ‘Taiwan independence’ forces.”

Despite G7 nations’ refusal to formally establish diplomatic ties with Taiwan, the US has sold weaponry to Taipei and committed to defend it from a hypothetical mainland invasion. US lawmakers have also visited with Taiwanese officials, drawing sharp criticism from Beijing, which rejects any diplomatic interactions with the Taipei authorities.