City of Newark humiliated after signing trade deal and holding sister city ceremony with Hindu nation that doesn’t exist

Lazy eyes listen

Newark, New Jersey, recently formalized its sister city relationship with the Hindu nation of Kailasa. Apparently, city officials did not consult a map before proceeding.

The “Kailasa United States” does not exist. It’s the creation of a rapist on the run from Indian authorities since 2019 for child abduction and other crimes.

Residents in Newark have spoken out about Democratic officials’ failed foray into foreign policy, questioning whether anyone at City Hall is capable of conducting a simple Google search.

A deception sisterhood
The so-called nation of Kailasa, according to its website, “is the home and refuge for the international Hindu diaspora… The nation of KAILASA stands as the world’s sole beacon of genuine Hindu self-governance and autonomy.”

The fictitious realm with which Newark had a brief relationship allegedly has “100 million Adi Shaivites; 2 billion practicing Hindus.”

The fictitious country has its own flag, emblem, national anthem, constitution, and passport.

Swami Nithyananda, the 45-year-old con man behind Kailasa, is a self-proclaimed god-man wanted in India on multiple counts of rape and sexual assault, according to India Today.

Nithyananda is thought to have fled to a private island near Trinidad and Tobago in 2019.

The accused child rapist refers to himself as a “Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism,” with the goal of “giving humanity a superconscious breakthrough, which is physically demonstrable through various power manifestations.”

According to Nithyananda’s website, “the United States of KAILASA and the City of Newark, New Jersey, USA, entered into a protocol bilateral agreement” in January.

Unlike other claims, the accused rapist was not lying about the agreement, as evidenced by a slew of photos of Democrat Mayor Ras J. Baraka and other city officials celebrating the occasion at Newark City Hall with purported Kailasa dignitaries.

“Today indeed marks an important beginning of collaboration between the United States of KAILASA and the City of Newark to further advance the broader bilateral agenda for a greater vision of world peace,” Nithyananda said in announcing the agreement. KAILASA looks forward to bringing its humanitarian services to the city of Newark and serving its community as a result of this protocol bilateral relations.”

“I pray that our relationship helps us to understand cultural, social, and political development and improves the lives of everyone in both places, and helps us to understand where we are and who we are and our connectivity to one another, and helps us to become better people in this process — better people individually and as a community,” Mayor Baraka said during the ceremony.