Closing Northern Borders Will Boost Local Livestock Production, Secure the Nation


While commending the Buhari government for closing the Southwestern borders of the country, a group, named the “Yoruba Peoples Coalition” has called on the Nigerian government to immediately seal the Northern borders of the nation to prevent unholy transit of livestock and terrorists into the nation.

While giving the recommendation, group PRO, Ambassador Lekan Abayomi said, “Nigeria has abundance of grazing land, water and fodder. There is no reason why livestock trade and Transhumance should continue across Nigeria’s northern borders as this is competing with local livestock production and also a major route for arms smuggling from Libya and terrorists operations in Nigeria.

“If our borders with Niger and Chad are sealed, Boko Haram will be a thing of the past within weeks and the people of Borno, a forgotten, neglected and dying state, will be able to leave Maiduguri capital and cordoned camps and be able to resettle in their farms and villages across the state and return to their productive lifestyle instead of continuing to live on government and international NGO handouts.

“We implore on the good government of Muhammadu Buhari to take this problem as a most critical issue affecting Nigeria’s food and livestock production and the security of the nation at large. The free flow of livestock and terrorists across the borders is a major economic security emergency and national security emergency. Our customs and army should be deployed immediately to secure our northern borders and the people of Borno and Adamawa will celebrate and the nation at large will see a massive boost in agricultural security and life safety.”