COLONIZATION: After Bama, Boko Haram Installs Foreign “Emir” In Dikwa; Shehu Bama Threatens Military He’ll March on Recapture Mission

Nigerian army chief, general Azubuike Ihejirika named as sponsor of Boko Haram terrorist organisation


Reports reaching us this evening assert that Boko Haram terrorists who are having a field day in Bama and Dikwa Emirates of Borno State have now installed a new “Shehu” in Dikwa.

We reported yesterday that Boko Haram had installed a new “Emir” in Bama.

The Shehu in traditional Borno settlement is the alpha and omega in all matters and has the power to install other Village Heads under his domain.

Bama and Dikwa Emirate Councils are the second biggest emirate councils after the Shehu of Borno and from all indications, the number of Districts in these two emirates surpasses that of the Shehu of Borno… technically, Boko Haram is in control of 75% of Borno’s Emirates.

Deposed Shehu Bama
Deposed Shehu Bama

The name of the new Shehu is Bulama Yaga.

The name “Yaga” shows the “Shehu” is not even a Kanuri by tribe. Since Boko Haram are claiming strict Islamic Law, this may lead them to install any tribe as long as he is learned in Islamic law according to their rank.

An intelligence analysis report we recently published by ENDS organization informed that Nigeria is under a coordinated foreign invasion and the Nigerian security department is enabling this progress and colonize the oil-rich northeast while allowing a genocide of the indigenous populace. See: NewsRescueBoko Haram: Jonathan, Ihejirika Supervised Foreign Invasion of Nigeria’s Oil Rich Northeast

Gwoza, Bama, Dikwa, Ngala and Mafa are fully under the control of Boko Haram.

The Shehu of Bama has threatened the military that both himself and his subjects will march to Bama to recapture his town, but the military promised him to hold on while delaying and allowing citizens trapped in the towns to be killed on a daily basis by the Boko Haram colonizing terrorists.