Court Refuses To Grant Bail To Minors And Those Injured In Jos


By Saifullahi M. Kabir

A Chief magistrate court sitting in Jos, preside by Hon. H. Talatu Shima Esq has refused bail to 44 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the spiritual guardianship of his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, who were allegedly detained in prison since Wednesday 12/10/2016 till date over what they called ‘Disturbance of Public Peace.’

Those detained, were arrested by a combined team of Nigerian military, Policemen and government sponsored thugs in an attack they launched on peaceful Ashura procession at ‘Unguwar Rogo’, where they teargassed and shot live bullets on people at the domicile of Sheikh Adamu Tsoho, many people sustained injuries from either gunshots or clubs beating, they were later taken to Sector 2 in Jos, and finally handed over to the police.

Out of them, 14 were arrested by the military on their way to the procession, most of which were women and minors, and were charged to court for allegedly disturbing public peace.

There is also Malama Luba Ladan, who was arrested by the military alongside 3 of her daughters shortly after they came out of their house, waiting for ‘Keke Napep’ to reach the procession; suddenly the military parked their vehicle beside and arrested them all, also for allegedly disturbing public peace.

Among those detained in the prison and refused bail is Halimatu Musa (Tabawa), who is breastfeeding a two months old minor. There is also a woman at her 8th month of pregnancy, and another one at 2nd month. There is also one brother who is badly injured on the leg by gunshot, and another one badly injured by beating. The later two were not accepted by the prison authority because of their woeful injuries, they are presently in police custody, but as such the judge refused to grant them bail.

There are also minors who are not even up to punishment, about 13 of them; but the court ordered their detention and refused to grant them bail up to this day, Friday 21/10/2016.

Below is a list of the 13 minors and their ages detained by the court.

1. Aliyu Musa Saminaka – 9yrs.
2. Fatima Muhammad – 10yrs.
3. Muhsina Ibrahim – 10yrs.
4. Abida Abdussalam – 10yrs
5. Mustapha Musa – 11yrs
6. Maryam Ibrahim – 11yrs
7. Mabruka Mustapha – 13yrs
8. Fatima Alhassan – 13yrs
9. Fatima Hassan – 13yrs
10. Hafiza Bashir – 14yrs
11. Khalisa M. Kabir – 14yrs
12. Fatima M. Kabir – 16yrs
13. Ummulkhair Ridwan – 17yrs