Cut Off Bribe-Master Gandollar’s Hands, Nigerians Protest To Sharia Court

Ganduje, another public crook


Nigerians have called on the application of the Sharia law to punish Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State for being caught on camera receiving a bribe.

Expressing anger on different social media platforms a Sharia court in the state sentenced a musician to death by hanging over a song alleged to be blasphemous against Prophet Muhammad.

Irked by that move, Nigerians have demanded the same punishment for Ganduje for the act of corruption.

A Twitter user, @Morris_Monye, in his reaction said, “If the Sharia court is determined to murder a man because of blasphemy, then Ganduje must as a matter of principle have his hand amputated.

“There is an actual video of his transgressions. The law must be fair for the high and low, the mighty and weak.” 

@yojora while speaking on the issue, said, “Sharia law in Northern Nigeria never affects the rich, only the poor and political enemies of the powerful.

“There’s a video of a certain person packing dollars, I wonder why he hasn’t lost his hands.” 

@Baldilocks__  in his own reaction said, “The laws in Nigeria have always been tailored to benefit the rich and oppress the poor. That’s the only reason why Ganduje still has his hands.

“What’s painful is that Ganduje as the state governor is still the same person who has to sign Yahaya Sharif’s execution…ironic!” 

Adding his voice to the matter, another Twitter user, @ayemojubar, said, “If your biased Sharia “draconian” law is effective, Ganduje’s dollar hands should have gone to heaven (or hell) ahead of him by now.

“Thou hypocrites, shame on you all. No human can fathom the gravity of a soul you people wanted to eject like that of a cow.” 

@adeyanjudeji, another person on Twitter said, “President Buhari must prevail on Ganduje to immediately pardon the man sentenced to death in Kano for blasphemy. This is a huge embarrassment to our country.” 

@Kenny_oka4 on his part said, “The tragedy of this Sharia law practice in the North is that the poor will always suffer. If it was truly followed, Ganduje would be an amputee.”