“Dear Big Mouth”, Letter To Asari Dokubo

Militant or Terrorist; Letter to Asari Dokubo

Dear Big mouth,

I have decided to waste my precious industrious time to write you this letter so as to save you from your thug-like self before you destroy yourself and the lives of those precious boys and girls you usually show us through the social media. Simply I mean the life of your oil bunkering family.

It could be a rumour, but the saying goes that your sons are usually escorted to and fro by some gun welding, crack smoking, cocaine inhaling militants, just like the way you are also escorted through our Airports by these gun welding terrorists; this is because your activities fully lacks proper approval from appropriate authorities. We met once boarding separate planes to our individual destinations.

The defeated government of impunity under the clueless president Jonathan allowed you to prosper; this is after your engagements as a militant trained as a terrorists in Libya.

While I may not indulge into your many verbal rassmataz, I will rather focus on the basis that the ICC should have included your name in the just submitted Amnesty International (AI) report, though with time, I think you will soon be linked as either a direct participant or a sponsor or even a promoter. I wont lie to you, but it is as the recent released report attests: ‘CNN: FBI Reveals Boko Haram And Niger Delta Pirates Collaborate; Ransom Dollars Sponsor Boko Haram’.

This report has scared the hell out of many of us, and with your command as a trained terrorists from Libya, promoting militancy in the Niger Delta, I would be surprised to hear you insinuating that is without your knowledge. While that your connection have been recorded, your big mouth statements confessing to have been in prison with some of the leaders of this dreaded, stupid and callous group who identify themselves with anything contrary to Islamic teachings only exposed more of your under cover activities.

While still on this issue of you being in prison with the leadership of Boko Haram in the past, many people have sworn with their last breath that the meeting was only an arranged strategic discussions on mutual and professional collaborations, or you mean despite us knowing that Boko Haram is known to posses the power of brainwashing, you came out safe and sound?

Your popular verbal diarrhoea only identifies you as a sack of groundnut, it usually looks big but it is easy to carry; and that only adds to your dossier that you are nothing but fraud, using your Niger Delta brethren as a tool to feed fat on our common resources.

The only place you impress me is on how you scared this Otuoke returnee who has destroyed our common future and that of our families which from all indication will crack the brain of this new government of change before restitution will be achieved.

You are smart, using your mouth as an AK 47 have made you a billionaire to the disadvantage of your brothers and sisters in the Niger Delta, whose names was used as a bait to redirect the attention and resolve of the government of the clueless Jonathan and subsequently buy you the attention as a worthy campaign tool.

Your mechanics of using terror threats in selling your selfish ideological philosophy is totally stupid and is enough evidence for the ICC to consider extraditing you to face trial in the Hague.

Furthermore, the many things you said in the past, especially on your Northern Muslim brothers is islamophobic which further disqualified you of being a Muslim. The questions many are asking is not out of the boundary of why you hate Northern Nigerian Muslims while you claimed to be one. The audacity of your excrement may be due to your double face, claiming Islam while you are ‘BAZATA’ ( I am sure you know what I mean).

‘I’ll make the nation boil’ was one of your many terrorists like language which deeply identify you as either a trained terrorist turned militant or a terrorist in militant clothing.

What many of us would convey to you will not be better than a reminder that the time of impunity is over and the time of change is now, you either change or we change you especially before ICC will come over to extradite your genocidal ass.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta