Diezani Alison Madueke; The Robbery of our Dollars and the Dilemma of No Where To Run

Where will Diezani be visiting soon? Sambisa?

by Alhassan Haruna Dambatta

The recently circulated picture of Diezani Allison Madueke exposing her terrible state of health, falling sick almost immediately the uncompromising president Muhammad Buhari took over, have engineered various postulations as to the reasons why Diezani state of health continued to decline even with the available Corruptly and stolen public funds that can buy her the best healthcare anywhere in any Hospital in any part of this world.

Many of these theorist found within the Nigerian opinions state have indicated how experts psychologists have since identified how you can fake and fall sick any time you so wish by mere telling yourself that you are sick. For example, if you want to feel feverish, just tell your conscious mind that you have fever and feel it inside that you are feverish and within seconds you may be feverish and sick in reality. These opinion theorist further exposed why they believed the Diezani sickness is self induced and rhetorically self made.

They stated that Diezani has never fall sick in the past when she trotted the world as the petroleum minister with available billions of Nigerian stolen dollars which buy her the prestigious OPEC Chairmanship, traveling the world in a well decorated Jets which many times is hired with Nigerian monies, and other Jet serviced with billions of our money.

The no nonsense president Muhammad Buhari have been trying to recover the stolen billions of dollars in her possession stashed in her personal foreign bank account and those of her children and extended family, the stolen 20 billions dollars in her possession as exposed by the humbled and fearless emir of Kano Sunusi Lamido Sunusi II have since been a subject of discussion all over the world, many could not understand what Diezani would do with 20 billion dollars? The type of money that could only be found in possession of a country, what could be the state of mind of this woman who only does what she feels is right without any consideration to the expected due regard to been a married woman.

Diezani extravagant accommodation in UK for past 4 months
Diezani extravagant accommodation in UK for past 4 months

Many of Diezani acts of discretion are archived in catalog of history books that can make any Nigerian sad and angry on actions taken by this world traveling ex-petroleum minister who only fall sick when every available avenue for soft landing were utilized without any positive outcomes from the various underground consultation she made. The last we heard of, was the night visit to former president Abdussalami Abubakar to beg The stone cold Muhammad Buhari on his position on all ill gotten and stolen Nigerian monies in her possession, suggesting a soft landing which Buhari have since rejected.

Diezani is alot of things to alot of people. A South African report published by Mail and Guardian Africa, reported that “The money stolen in Nigeria is bigger than the Gross Domestic Product of 38 African
nations.” If the stolen funds estimated at $50bn were a country, it would be Africa’s 11th biggest economy at par with Tunisia’s entire GDP and larger than the economic output of Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Ivory Coast or the Democratic Republic of Congo. The report quoted Nigeria’s transparency watch dog as saying that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) headed by Diezani Alison Madueke diverted more than $30bn oil revenue. This figure, it said, was bigger than the annual production output of “half of the nations in Africa.”

From available reports in circulation, the stolen 20 billions is just a tip, this is because another reported deal, later disguised as security contract and channeled through the NNPC saw two companies belonging to Idahosa Okunbor and Tunde Ayeni, illegally racked up billions of naira to purportedly transport
crude oil from Escravos to Warri refinery, and Bonny Island to Port Harcourt refinery, by ship, since 2011, an estimated 508 billion is the involved figure.

Another issue was during Muhammad Buhari visit to the US. The United State have released documents to president Buhari which disclosed how Mrs. Alison-Madueke and her cohorts used several offshore accounts to move money between Switzerland and Germany with the full accord of Kola Aluko.

Additionally, the Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ajjampur R. Ghanashyam, has revealed that the NNPC failed to sign a long- term agreement with New Delhi, Nigeria’s Number One oil buyer, but rather used intermediaries in the annual $14 billion deal. Intermidiaries ? For what ? Diezani was never patriotic but rather selfish for self enrichment.

From all indication and available information within ours grasp, Diezani was only at the NNPC to enrich herself at the time of the clueless ‘stealing is not Corruption’ president who refused all entreaties to call Diezani to order, the last we heard was that she went to the villa and the visionless president Jonathan sent her away. The only known single effort summoned by Jonathan to cautions her but was too little too late.

many Nigerians knows that Diezani can not run and hide any where, the interpol can easily snup her out, so she claimed she is withering in the vicious chokehold of cancer, but many believed she is simply living a lie and wishing it to be true by perpetuating more lies. Diezani maintains she is truly ill; she claims to speak nothing but the truth.

No sane person will wish her dead but Diezani have put many of our innocent children in their early graves, their money were stolen and taken to oversees for safekeeping, Diezani was one of those who stole from us and no amount of Diezani illness will make us forget the death of our children from malnutrition, hunger and disease caused by the mad and inhuman stealing of our common resources by the likes of Diezani who suppose to have rotten in jail rather than the comfort of a world class hospital bed.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta
[email protected]