Ebola: Untouched Patient Dies As Lagos Bungles In fear of Ebola


Patient dies in Lagos teaching hospital, LUTH untouched as Lagos bungles suspected Ebola case. The patient was not even diagnosed and was given no attention till died today.

Upon Nigeria’s claims of preparedness for Ebola, there was otal failure in response to this patient who possibly did not even have Ebola. The patient who was in respiratort distress was not given any assitance, not even drip, according to our reportes.

The Infectious Diseases Center refused to come and pick up the patient; and LUTH personell were too afraid to test and treat this sick person till he died.

Does this mean every critically ill person in Nigeria will now die untouched even if it is not Ebola?

From our story Yesterday:

Ill Inbound Passenger Causes Ebola Scare In Lagos; Hospitals Refuse To Accept

There was an Ebola scare in Lagos Monday. 

The medical personnel at port health in the Lagos international airport were called when there was a report of a patient who they said was vomiting, on an Arik local flight from Jos to Lagos.

The first response team from the international wing put on their PPP uniforms and headed to the local wing. On arrival of the flight from Jos, the doctors met the plane on the tarmac and assessed the patient on the plane.

He actually wasn’t vomiting on the plane, but was having difficulty breathing and looked pale but with normal temperature, according to our NewsRescue reporter. He was given oxygen and rushed to LASUTH for further examination, but there they met a hostile reception; the doctors and nurses were reluctant on receiving the patient. They said they didn’t even have PPP or protective wear at all and no form of quarantine area.

Eventually after delaying for 2 hours they said they didn’t have bed space.

They then proceeded to LUTH. Here they met a similar situation, and were asked to take the patient to the Yaba Infectious Disease Center, IDS, quarantine center for Ebola.

It is worth noting that this patient had not yet even been confirmed to have Ebola, and until some persistence from the team before he was finally admitted at LUTH.

Read more: https://newsrescue.com/ill-inbound-passenger-causes-ebola-scare-lagos-hospitals-refuse-accept-patient/#ixzz3CC1lnvZr