El-Rufai A New Jonathan In Kaduna

Nasir el-Rufai, governor of Kaduna state

By Comrade Happiness Okoka

I have never been a subscriber to conspiracy theories. In fact I have debunked on so many counts conspiracy theories ranging from America’s complicity in September 11  attacks, to Tupac Shakur faking his own death, to Buhari’s alleged sponsorship of Boko Haram, and Jonathan’s involvement in state sponsored Terrorism. However, I don’t just discard these theories out rightly but after careful analysis of the facts, precedence and antecedents of the principal actors, employing logic and reasoning to objectively come to my conclusions. Many names have been mentioned on who the possible sponsors of Boko Haram are, from retired generals who were former heads of government, to business moguls who’s motive to destabilize the Country are still not clear, to external sponsors and collaborators. I however, tried to analyze a situation in this write up on Mallam Nasir El-rufai’s alleged back role in the massacre of over 300 Shiite’ Muslims, the unfounded rumors, arm-chair speculations and the hokum of religious bigots and soothsayers. This is not my one Kobo, nor is it a product of my wanton imagination. This in fact will reveal itself soon.

In 2015, the El-Rufai’s government was embroiled in a controversy of Zaria Massacre Saturday, 12 December, alleged massacre by the Nigeria Army on the Shia Muslim Community of Zaria, Kaduna. An allegation which the government has up till this moment failed to prove its innocence in. The Army claimed that it had responded to the Shia followers’ attempt to assassinate the Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai. But this claim has been strongly rejected by the Islamic Movement and several human rights organizations who argue that the attack was pre-meditated.

347 were killed by army and buried in secret in collaboration with Kaduna State Government. The government of the new Jonathan in Kaduna has disclosed what happened to the remains of the Shiite members killed during the Black Saturday, Shiite’s/Nigerian Army clash in Zaria. In the government submission to the Kangaroo Judicial Commission of Inquiry on Monday, April 11, the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Balarabe Lawal, disclosed that 347 persons were killed in that ugly incident. According to the Kaduna state government, the burial of the victims was done in secret under the joint supervision of the state officials and about 40 men of the Nigerian army, led by an officer in the rank of a major.
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The following week El-Rufai held a press briefing, He said the Shiites were killed because they were stubborn and their refusal to leave the road when the Army Chief wanted to pass.

The question is, is the Army Chief worth more than 347 lives wasted? It is believed that the sect have been having such processions for several years over two decades, without report of having killed anyone during such outings.

I can now imagine Zaria city, a citadel of learning where many Professors, Doctors, and several other professionals and students usually encounter traffic ‘Go Slow’ several times, years, during the sects procession, without cause for alarm, are lesser humans to the Nigerian Army Chief right!

A statement he has refused to withdraw hitherto. He still maintains that the attack was carried on the behalf of the president. That was El-Rufai our new Jonathan in 2015 carrying out a state sponsored terrorism in order to whip public sentiments. If the supposedly humble and docile guy was able to execute such carnage, it goes a long way in discerning the true depth of the man’s character. ‘A Diabolically Cunning Fox’. (The Commission’s Arrange’e Report Now Tagged ‘SECRET REPORT’ ) CLUELESS LOL…

Fast forward to 2016, in the build up to #El-RufaiDestroysKaduna! That fox has grown bolder in guile and stature. The truth of the matter is, Development is Haram to Emperor El-rufai, one year gone with no tangible project to show, demolition of citizens’ houses is the brain child of these misguided, clueless, extremist and fundamentalists, who was allowed to grow not because the Kaduna State Law Makers nor the National Assembly lacked the capacity or reason to crush his agenda, but because a few people stand to gain economically and politically from his cluelessness.

Ask yourself why the fight with him and Senator Shehu Sani has survived through these long? is it that the APC Government lacks the man power or resources to fully intervene and re-orientate the self serving governor, by letting him know it’s about the People and not the love of oneself? The answer is a resounding NO! The fact is he was allowed to bully and suppress the population and to deliberately make them keep mute, so as not to ask questions as regards the accidental governor and his cosmetics style of governance at the detriment of the poor. A plan which obviously back fired when he tried to demolish Gbagyi Villa, the people stood up and resisted his self serving agenda. We are being ruled by a government of opportunists who see every venture of power as avenue to dictatorship.

My summation; no matter the gimmicks employed by the El-Rufia’s administration to create an atmosphere of confusion, no Kaduna Citizen should ever resort to violence. Our constitution is sacred and cannot be undermined. This is a change era. The power of the people is bigger than both El-Rufai and the seat he occupies, we must resist the temptation no matter the level of provocation to use violence, because that is exactly what the small man that has held our great State hostage wants. We must embark on a non-violent movement as we look up to 2019. There is a palpable desire for change in governance in Kaduna State. Even El-rufai and his cohorts feel it, they sense it, smell it, and even fear it. APC has provided Nigerians the platform for that change. It is what the majority of the masses want. Never in Nigeria’s history has the common man being this politically active. For us, it is a simple message to our politicians that power lies ultimately with the people, and enough is enough. There must be accountability and performance in government. Any persons or individual that cannot abide by these simple principles must be voted out of office.

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