El-Rufai, Shettima Scavengers, Waiting For Buhari To Die To Become VP, Should Relocate To East – Arewa Youth Blast

El-Rufai, Shettima other northern governors In Saudi Arabia , January 2016


In a response to the condemnation of the Kaduna declaration Igbo quit ultimatum given by a coalition of northern organisations on June 6th, the youth have called the two northern governors opportunists and scavengers who only look to satisfy their bellies and political aspirations.


The youth condemned the duo as never standing up for the rights of Nigerians and northerners persecuted in the south but only making a pretend-nationalist announcement to further their goals of becoming a vice to Osinbajo should Buhari die or retire.

Dismissing Borno governor Kashim Shettima, Nastura Ashir Sheriff one of the Arewa youth speaking Hausa in the audio, said they knew both governors personally very well, and that governor Shettima is inviting Obasanjo and Tinubu to launch his projects in Borno just to appeal to them against VP selection time if Buhari should die.

More of their translated message read:

“My name is Sheriff. I represented Arewa citizen action for change in that meeting. We had a meeting due to challenges we’ve had on the deliberations we had. We’ve had calls both within and abroad. We were misunderstood and media houses ‘re saying things we haven’t said like calling for war or demonstrations . We did not say any of these in our papers. All we said was that the Igbos said they ‘re not Nigerians but Biafrans. Since they’ve been calling for Biafra let them be given their Biafra maybe they ll allow us leave in peace. Wether they want it or not.

Kiss of death el-Rufai

“We’re not going to be in any gathering with igbo people again. We ‘re tired of intimidation, slander against us or and our people leaving in that region. The solution to this is separation. They caused a war 50yrs ago. After that we accepted them they haven’t lost property here from houses to shops we welcomed them back.

“The kind nature of an Arewa person accepted them. We had a republic and an igbo person was made vice president. No body discriminated against them. But they hated, and intimidated us in this country. They abuse and insult us. They call this country a zoo and we ‘re leaving in poverty. So let them go and leave us alone.”