@Elbinawi Reacts To Saudi Vs Qatar Feud

Saudi Arabia Vs Qatar:

In the world there are 2 countries officially ruled by the Western-backed evil ideology of #Wahhabism:Saudi & Qatar

In #Syria the Saudi regime is backing #ISIS while Qatar is backing #AlQaeda (Nusra Front). These 2 groups murdered more than 200,000 Syrians

And as #Churchill said Wahhabis are bloodthirsty & intolerant, these two Wahhabi terrorist groups are fighting against each other in #Syria

#US President @realDonaldTrump went to Saudi Arabia & took anti-#Iran & anti-#Palestine stand with the bloodthirsty Saudi Wahhabi savages.

#Qatar opposed this evil agenda of US President @realDonaldTrump that was meant 2 trigger a Sunni Vs Shia war. What d West is desperate for.

The West and Global Zionism has long sort a Sunni Vs Shia war where Muslims will kill each other & they will intervene as “peace makers”

Today there is a notorious Islamophobe in the White House and a brainless idiot @realDonaldTrump who desperately want Sunni Vs Shia war.

Despite d fact that Qatar has been d most notorious country in support of murderous Wahhabi terrorism after Saudi but they did right on this

Qatari leaders must understand that US President @realDonaldTrump is behind all the Saudi-led hostile move against it. Saudi is just a front

Western imperialism led by @realDonaldTrump will attempt military coup in Qatar. This is their next move as US control the Qatar military.

Having division in the rank of the enemy is a welcome development to us. US President @realDonaldTrump is a sworn enemy of Islam & Muslims.