Extreme: Nigerian Ruling PDP Party Calls Opposition ‘Anarchists And Bigots’

Olisah Metuh

Nov. 26, 2013

NewsRescue– In a rather extreme reference toward an opposition, the Nigerian ruling party through their spokesperson, Olisah Metuh has labelled the legally registered opposition party, APC, ‘Anarchists and Bigots.’

APC-LogoSuch radical name calling and dangerous labeling is unusual and certainly improper verbalization to a legal formation and block opposition party from any ruling party. It is also a worrisome threat to the entire nation. This happened as 7 governors from the ruling party crossed over to join the opposition party.

Nigeria’s ruling party, the party of president Goodluck Jonathan is by such reference embracing the path of rebel and terrorist leader, Dokubo Asari, now arrested in Benin Republic who always threatens that if president Jonathan loses 2015 election and is not re-elected to rule the nation a third time, the nation will be thrown into anarchy. By referring to any opposition to a third term for the president as an anarchist, the ruling party is blackmailing the nation with sublime, but well defined and determinate violence threats.

“Such radical statements from publicity offices of those in power are reckless and cautionable in a democratic environment, ” political commentator Bassey Isoh said.

Olisah Metuh’s statment:

Asari Dokubo
Asari Dokubo

“The attention of the national leadership of the PDP has been drawn to an announcement by members of the so called New PDP declaring their membership of the APC. We recognise the rights of freedom of association for all Nigerians and declare that it is within the rights of any Nigerian citizen to associate with anybody he or she deems fit,’’

They have chosen to abandon a broad-based national platform and embraced a narrow group of ethnic and religious bigots whose main intention is to unleash a state of anarchy on Nigeria. We wish to state, categorically, that the PDP remains unperturbed as we are now rid of detractors and distractions.“We urge our members, nationwide, to remain focused and close ranks, now that agents of distraction have finally left our ranks,’’

It is hoped that in the interest of peace and democracy, the ruling PDP retracts such a disparaging statement.