Family exhumes grandma who was buried 10 years ago

Lazy eyes listen


A family in the Dominican Republic exhumed their grandmother nearly a decade after her burial.

When Margarita Rosario was dug up at La Colonia Cemetery in Jarabacoa, she was found to still have a full head of hair, some skin, and enough bones to be able to stand with little support, relatives told Jam Press.

A video shot outside the graveyard shows a man holding the corpse up while a woman dresses her in a white nightgown.

A small group crowded to watch the corpse standing after being exhumed.

Local residents also expressed shock over how well Rosario had been preserved.

“She was a good person in life. That’s why she is still preserved,” one Jarabacoa local said.

Another noted the body “keeps standing up and everything.”

“Intact, incredible skin as if the years had not passed,” a third person said in the video.

Others were not pleased the family disturbed their grandmother’s rest.

“Now let the poor grandmother rest, wow,” one said.

The family did not state why they exhumed the body