Former Pakistani PM reacts to attempted arrest

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As authorities attempted to arrest and bring former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan before a judge, he evaded arrest. The politician was removed from office in an April no-confidence vote and is accused of illegally selling gifts from foreign dignitaries during his tenure. The 70-year-old has called the charges absurd and politically motivated, and insists that his removal from power was a coup.

On Sunday, Islamabad police issued a series of tweets announcing that a team of officers had been dispatched to arrest Khan at his Lahore residence. Officials made it clear that anyone who attempted to obstruct the proceedings would face consequences.

Authorities stated in subsequent messages that the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) party was “avoiding” arrest. Police had “gone into Imran’s room, but he was not present,” according to the tweets. Shibli Faraz, Khan’s chief of staff, was quoted as saying that his boss was “not available” at the time but would follow the legal procedure.

The police eventually ended their “operation” and returned to Pakistan’s capital.

Later that day, Khan addressed his supporters, claiming that he refused to comply with the authorities’ demands because he was afraid for his life due to alleged death threats. According to the former prime minister, “no security was provided to me” the last time he appeared in court in Islamabad.

Khan narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in November of last year.

The politician is at the center of several court cases, which he describes as nothing more than a political vendetta against him.