Fraudster held 16 jobs, showed up for none of them

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According to the South China Morning Post, a woman in China has been identified as being involved in a huge labor-fraud operation, having filled 16 openings in different companies at the same time.

The wage fraudster, identified only by the alias Guan Yue, was allegedly apprehended during another job interview. The woman took images and published them on work group conversations to fool several bosses into thinking she was meeting with clients.

According to the media report, Guan meticulously recorded crucial information about each of her roles, including as work titles, bank account numbers, and start dates, on paper.

When the woman received more employment offers than she could handle, she passed one on to a friend, accepting a pay cut in the process.

Both Guan and her husband Chen Qiang were adept at exploiting rules and laws, as Chen has reportedly initiated 13 arbitration cases and won all of them. 

The method apparently enabled the couple to purchase a mansion in Shanghai’s Baoshan neighborhood as a result of their enormous riches.

In January 2023, one of the employers, tech firm owner Liu Jian, noticed paperwork inconsistencies and reported the problem to the authorities.

Finally, 53 members of Guan’s wage-cheating gang were apprehended. Over the course of the scheme, the thieves allegedly made more than $7 million.