Free 2014: A Call For Muslim And Christian Joint Prayers For The Destruction Of The Cabal

Nov. 1, 2013

NewsRescue– This is a strong call for all Faithful’s, Muslims, Christians or others in Nigeria, abroad and friends of Nigeria, to come together Fridays, Sundays or other days and vigil, fast and pray for the destruction of the wicked cabal that have seized and strangled Nigeria. If we pray together, we will celebrate our victory together come 2014 by God’s Mighty Grace! The wicked shall die! The thieves shall be destroyed! Amen. 2014 will unveil in a new beginning for Nigeria, free from the extremely evil and greedy men and women in government and their friends and co-conspirators in the private sector.

nigeria-to-cabalThis September, Pope Francis invited faithful all over the world to pray together for peace and against the plan of the “aggressors” to bomb Syria. Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, the leader of the country’s Sunni Muslims requested to attend the “Cry for peace” vigil and invited his nation’s faithful to pray “in communion and simultaneously with the pope.”

On September 7th, 100,000 people gathered at St Peters to vigil and pray with the Pope. Millions of us around the world joined in his call to fast and pray against those who he denounced as “captivated by the idols of dominion and power” in his prayer speech.

By September 9th, just two days after we all fasted, held vigil and prayed together and fervently, there was a “break-through,” by God Almighty’s Grace, the bombing campaign was called off. God answered our prayers. The main stream media in support of the planned aggression was quiet on these events; they barely announced that we were going to pray. But this did not trim the power of our gathering. After all, the media does not relay prayers to God, thank God. We overcame!

Today we are suffering in Nigeria. The suffering is at the worst level ever. There is wickedness in this land, and the wicked monsters, the greedy, plundering cabal are more ferocious than ever. They are eliminating the middle class. They are destroying small-business. The gap between the rich and poor is at the widest ever. We have the 40th richest man in the world in Nigeria, stealing his wealth from the masses and nation’s purse, and no surprise, Nigeria has regions with poverty of the level of Somalia. World Bank said this October that despite much economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, due to a high level of inequality in opportunities and outcome for citizens, the poor were becoming poorer! The rich are crushing every opportunity for the middle-class and the poor, to force us into slave-labor in so-called employment at their behest.

Lagarde-Ngozi-Iweala-Sanusi-NewsRescueThe government looks for every opportunity of making money and sells this exclusively to the cabal in extreme oligopolies. Our Central bank of Nigeria in radical wickedness imposes us with the most unbelievable policies ever known to man. Apart from VAT on our money, and another N100/transfer, there is a cash-less system operating simply as a means for the cabal to exploit us. We are fined when we withdraw OUR hard earned money, and when we transfer it through the bank, we are charged N5/1000 per transfer (COT) permanently till the money is exhausted; the bank and the cabal make a percent on our money per transaction for all transactions indefinitely. This is a ponzi scheme whereby money literally grows for the banks as it is continually siphoned from us. In every responsible country in the world, you can withdraw your money or transfer it however many times you like and to however many people you like without a percentage fine. These cabal are so wicked it makes you want to cry—actually makes some of us cry. They do not know how to make money, they have no idea of business. None of them can survive business outside Nigeria. They become millionaires and billionaires and the world’s richest men by robbing and extorting the poor masses. Nigeria is among the top 10 of oil producers in the world, yet bottom 10 in most developmental and security criteria in the world. We must pray that these cabal die and we have good news in 2014. We can’t last much longer if things do not radically change for the preservation of free masses. We must pray for a Rawlings-type draconian transformation.

Our two time past president on “behalf” of Nigeria, gave exclusive cement importation and minimal tariff construction equipment importation rights to his crony (twice! during both his tenures). He even sold him our cement plants at less than half the price. Even sold him our refineries, but bless our late president for overturning the sales. His crony hence holds an oligopoly on cement in Nigeria. To reward us for “making him,” he made us pay triple what the world pays for cement. Today we pay more than double the world rate. His company declares double profits for himself and his fellow cabal co-investors in his businesses, while the masses of Nigeria that gave him such advantages, suffer, unable to build homes and re-build their houses destroyed by our government-negligence resultant recent flood.

Stealing oil money is not enough for the insatiable monsters, now they connive to steal from our little; their eyes are on our pockets. Tighter global regulations hampered their usual method of carting money abroad so now they invest it locally in “businesses” built or bought from the government to plunder us, assisted by oligopolies of the execrable government “leaders” they choose and implant on the nation.

There is no limit to the wickedness, but our demoralization and disunity keeps us from fighting them properly and so we must pray for unity in this battle. We bleed the same, we starve the same and we all have no future, the same. The people in the Niger Delta have no more land. It’s all wrecked by oil spills and poisoning of the land and water. This government is so wicked; they are allowing the worst spillage to continue in the region. They have left the security of the region to terrorists and oil barons. The skies are still red, the land is black and the water is sheer poison. No one cares, this is why we must pray together for God to destroy the cabal, so we can begin to save our nation and secure our future. It doesn’t matter whether we are together or apart, what we need is life and a future and to get here we must vigil, fast and pray together that the cabal die and 2014 can be a year of re-birth for Nigeria.

GCON: Nigeria where crime is rewarded
GCON: Nigeria where crime is rewarded

There is no limit to the wickedness; our nation is sabotaged, compromised, from ASUU to security. We are the kidnapping capital of the world. High sea piracy capital. Our youth are jobless. We are the bottom in so many things, despite having some of the most decent and brightest people in the world and billions in oil revenue. The way of the cabal is to plunder and destroy everything. John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. These cabal thieves destroy us and do nothing else. We cannot survive much longer unless they are eliminated. We must offer prayers together, dear brothers and sisters of Nigeria, to usher in a new 2014. We all see the plundering, the looting.

Fortresses and armored cars: The cabal has waged war against us! We must pray together and fight back. US Texas Armoring Corporation in Sunday Punch, said Nigerian cabal buy 30% of their vehicles. Buying armored cars, so between their fortified mansions and armored cars they can feel safe and care less about the deplorable state of our police, military and our over-all security. When they are kidnapped, they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars without a care. Who will pay for our release? Rather than they invest the money for the armored vehicles and the money they pay kidnappers, proactively in providing real national security, they use it to secure themselves only. They now even each have hired ethnic militia, armies and guards. They have waged war against us!

Bmw_760liAnd then we all know the phony privatization, which is mere transfer of our valuable assets to their friends to use to exploit us by making us pay the highest rates in the world for poor service. They refurbished PHCN with 3 trillion dollars and sold it to their cabal for 400 billion. Nigeria, must we not pray together against the looting of these wicked thieves? They invest the nation’s money to build up national assets to sell at a fraction of the cost to themselves via their wicked so-called business tycoon friends. If they believed in privatization so much and that the government can never run anything, why do they not privatize the government itself? But no, these wicked leaders are the highest paid in the world, for selling Nigeria to their friends. Privatization only works where there is a responsible government that monitors the companies. Not a government like ours that wishes to force us to all to buy cars from only companies like Elizade and Coscharis which helps our ministers to buy cars at 10 x the price. This is just a means to make their cabal companies rich and enable the banks to lock us in usury—credit loans to buy new cars, while simultaneously destroying hundreds of thousands employed in the Tokunbo industry. The middle-class will soon ride bicycles while the poor trek.

They are prepared again to impose road-use taxes. For roads we do not have, we will be paying a percent on petrol purchased for using the roads. They will never build something first, before they think of taxing us for what does not exist. As reported in the Vanguard last Thursday, “Tax and Transparency after the G8: Nigeria and Beyond” in London revealed that ”Nigeria is the only country in the world where illicit financial flows, which it estimated at about 10 percent of GDP, are larger than tax revenues levied outside the natural resources industries.” More tax, more theft. There is no growth in Nigeria; the nation is in pause, only the cabal skyrocket in stupendous wealth.

100,000 pages cannot explain the wickedness and the critical crises in Nigeria and how our lives are being totally sold to a handful of wicked cabal. On how a nation blessed with abundant natural and human resource is on its knees. We all know these. But now, dear Nigeria, as we cannot yet fight together, can we pray together? We implore and urge the great citizens of Nigeria, the good Churches, the good Mosques; we urge you, let us come together and fast and pray for the destruction of the Cabal.

Let every Friday and Sunday till the end of 2013 be used for joint vigil, fasting and prayer for the cabal to crumble. The cabal sponsor us to fight and protest against each other. They plant seeds of strife and discord in our hearts. We now pray their seeds germinate only in theirs. May their wickedness suffocate them and those who support them know– Proverbs 29:24 (KJV): Whoso is partner with a thief hateth his own soul: he heareth cursing, and bewrayeth it not.

God answers our prayers. God answers the prayers of the oppressed. If we pray together, he will strengthen us to take control of our destiny. He will weaken the cabal; He will transfer our disunity to them and cause them to expose and destroy one-another. He will work miracles to eliminate them in ways we cannot even imagine. Ecclesiastes 3 says, for everything there is a season. We have grumbled, we have complained, we have shouted, we have written and we have been patient. The year draws to an end, let us pray strongly together. Let us use this as the season to pray the end of the wicked cabal. Islam teaches that God does not change the situation of a people till they change themselves. Let us pray together for God to help us purify and strengthen us to defeat the evil cabal that poisons and diminishes us. Let us pray the mighty Lord puts cancer in the cabal, puts insanity in their heads. Poisons them, makes them convulse. Makes them feel internal heat.

We can be free of the wicked cabal, dear Nigeria if we pray and war together. Nigeria can be great again. Let pastors announce days of special prayer, let Imams also announce, and let us all come together and pray fervently and fast for the end of the regime of evil that has held us down for 50 years. Let us pray that God gives us the ability to drive them out of our land. Pray together and at home, but let us all pray.

Let us pray for the victory of David, 1 Samuel 17:45-47; the victory in Islam’s battle of Badr; like Jericho, the fall of the walls of their fortresses as we blow our trumpets. Let us prepare to host the angels, please open your door to strangers, because they are coming (Heb 13:2). We pray the Lord gives us the army of Elisha (2 Kings 6:16) to destroy the Camarilla. Let’s pray together Nigeria, we pray and fight this together. It’s our survival.

Please gather and call for prayers. We will overcome!

Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian