Ganduje And The Failure of Avoiding A Shinkafi Treatment: An Open Letter

Gov Ganduje


Dear Sir,

Let me use this medium to condole with you over the death of your mother Hajiya Fatima Ganduje and to thank His Excellency, the Supreme Leader and Grand Commander of Kwankwasiyya Movement in Nigeria for sparing his time to visit Kano and condole with your family over the irreparable loss, we shall also continue to be grateful to him for giving you his support, which paved way for your success in theDecember 4th gubernatorial primaries conducted by our great party at Sani Abacha Stadium or ‘Jamiar Siyasa’ as Senator Kwankwaso calls it, with the help of God and his support you become the governor of Kano state whether you like it or not, the people of Kano will judge this.

I am writing this letter as an activist, politician and public affairs analyst, I am not afraid to tell you my mind no matter the consequences, some of your government officials have been threatening me in one way or the other, they started with thugs and at last with a threat to dismiss me from the university I am studying. Whatever, I am not afraid because of I am not a coward, I believe in saying the truth no matter how bitter it is.

Sir, It is with dismay and shock I read a concocted press release by our great party under the leadership of a former commissioner Umar Haruna Doguwa and an elder of our party who is serving as acting chairman elders committee Alhaji Audu Kirare though he pleaded that he must be convinced and be clarified on why he should sign such a condemnable press release, we learnt that he was forced by some powerful government officials that are misleading you to do so but not at his wish,  their main aim is to create grudges between you the governor and your former principal super Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, this people are those I regard as sycophants and parasites in your administration, they have no interest of Kano state at heart, their selfish interest comes first, a better Kano state is never at their wish but their selfish interest.

In January 2015 I wrote a similar letter to you, let me quote a part of it

“Your Excellency in the title of my letter, I caution you to avoid a Shinkafi treatment, the people that surrounded you will be advising you to shun your master immediately after you become the governor, I know they will do that but don’t attempt it because of the trust your boss bestowed on you, you are only the second deputy Governor ever that his boss supported in Nigeria, while Shinkafi of Zamfara State was the first, other deputies contested in primaries and they lose to their governor’s anointed candidates”

And you are today breaching this trust, shunning your former principal will yield a negative result in your political life, you have started it from here and only God knows where it will stop.

It also seems that you don’t want to hid by this, Now the political fight has started, the so called press release was written under your command. In it,  you accused the former governor of hiring thugs to the condolence visit, this is not true as I was in his convoy, our car was the first to arrive, we met those thugs at your town Ganduje, it is either you that hired the thugs or someone else.

You alleged that the mammoth crowd was hired, this sounds funny to people like me and any right thinking individual, the mammoth crowd surpassed a hired one in fact, we met those crowd on our way coming back from your village, when we passed through rijiyar lemo people trooped that way to welcome and greet The Super senator because the way we used in going to Ganduje was the same way we used when coming back.

When I saw how this crowd were chanting Kwankwaso I asked myself a question, is this how this man is loved? Some of them were crying that they missed their father. Kwankwaso didn’t asked for that, he neither informed or announce in any radio or television station that he is coming to kano, he don’t even know how the news broke out, it is not a surprise, this happened because of his developmental achievements and if you want to be treated that way, try and emulate him.

Rabiu Kwankwaso
Rabiu Kwankwaso

Sir, It sounds funny by associating such a visit with his presidential ambition, it is neither for that nor a ceremonial visit but a condolence one, the Super senator remain committed and prayerful to the success of the Nigerian leader Muhammadu Buhari, he has nothing in mind like presidential ambition but on how Buhari will fulfill his promises to Nigerians and that’s why he stands by the party at every occasion.

When I wrote an open letter to you titled so as to avoid a shinkafi treatment, I taught you will hid to it but it is rather unfortunate that you are about to make it a reality and such will be a big mess and a great political blunder of the highest order. Had it been you are aware of how kwankwaso is loved by the people of Kano you couldn’t have started this political mess.

If you don’t know a shinkafi treatment, very soon you will come across it insha Allah, for your information read below:

Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi was the Deputy Governor of Zamfara state from 1999-2007, he became the governor with the support of his boss then governor Ahmed Sani Yarima but after assuming duty he betrayed his boss, which led to exchange of words between their supporters, in 2011 Yerima, the strong man of Zamfara politics, supported and made his boy Abdulaziz Yari the governorship candidate of his then party ANPP, fortunately for him he defeated the incumbent Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi thereby making Yarima relevant again and proved him as the strong man of Zamfara politics since 1999.

And today under your watch and command a press release by our party was read yesterday’s afternoon threatening a suspension to our great leader as a result of a so called misconduct and indiscipline to our party during his condolence visit, this is a lie as nothing like misconduct in the recent visit, you are just calling for a political fight which nothing can rescue you from it unless God, the earlier you withdraw such a threat the better you save yourself from the wrath of the kanawa’s.

In that regard Sir, I implore you to avoid it so that history should not be repeated. Kwankwaso is the strong man of Kano politics and he has a wide experience and capacity to do what Yarima did if care is not taken by you.

Thank you Sir and God bless.

Yours Sincerely,

Adnan Mukhtar Adam Tudunwada (Comrade)
A Youth Activist, Student Leader, Politician and Public Affairs Analyst