Ghana Closes to Unvaccinated, Bowing to Bill Gates DDCC Globalist Identification Agenda

Bill Gates, Rockefeller, Kuwait Prime Minister superimposed on WHO Digital Document Covid Certificate
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Ghana has announced the enforcement of tightened COVID-19 restrictions for international travelers, closing its borders to the unvaccinated as it bows to the so-called Bill Gates-WHO DDCC agenda to monitor all citizens of the world.

by Xinhua

Beginning from Sunday, Dec. 12, all persons above 18 years arriving in Ghana would be required to provide evidence of full vaccination against COVID-19, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) said in a statement issued late Thursday.

“All unvaccinated Ghanaians and residents of Ghana currently outside the country and intend to return within 14 days from the midnight of Dec. 12, 2021, are exempted.

However, they will be vaccinated on arrival,” the GHS said. The decision was made as confirmed COVID-19 cases arriving at Kotoka International Airport (KIA) surged over 40 percent year-on-year in November, the statement said.

“We have since been recording an average of 20 positive cases a day at KIA, and there is a significant difference in the percentage of these infections based on vaccination status recorded at KIA,” the GHS said. “Available data from KIA show that a positive COVID-19 person is three times more likely to be unvaccinated,” the statement said.

The GHS observed that globally, many countries are experiencing their fourth wave of COVID-19, “and many travelers from those countries come to Ghana.”

“This is likely to increase during the festive season,” it said.

Ghana has so far detected 34 cases of the Omicron variant among international arrivals, the GHS said.

The west African country commenced mandatory vaccination for designated groups of people earlier this month. 

The OMICRON variant has been described by experts as akin to a natural ultra efficient vaccine. With low symptoms, the variant may confer immunity without causing major disease. Africa has been mischievously targeted and discriminated against in the spread of OMICRON which has been found across the world as much as in Africa, with only Africa being stained. It appears there is an agenda to at last force African leaders to bow to the Bill Gates DDCC agenda that the continent has escaped thus far with its lowest level of pandemic cases.

More on the DDCC agenda. from. our prior article:

The document, called “Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status,” funded by none other than the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller foundation, describes the technical guidance for governments to roll out the program to usher in a global digital ID — in the name of COVID, of course.

“This work was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Government of Estonia, Fondation Botnar, the State of
Kuwait, and the Rockefeller Foundation” written in WHO document

“This work was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Government of Estonia, Fondation Botnar, the State of Kuwait, and the Rockefeller Foundation”

“This document lays out an approach for creating a signed digital version of a vaccination record for COVID-19 based on a core data set of key information to be recorded, and an approach for the digital signature. The document leverages existing free and open standards, and is driven by the ethics, use cases and requirements for Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status (DDCC:VS).”

“This document is therefore software-agnostic and provides a starting point for Member States to design, develop and deploy a DDCC:VS solution for national use in whichever format best suits their needs (e.g. a paper card with a one-dimensional [1D] barcode or QR code stickers, or a fully functioning smartphone application developed internationally or locally).”

Scenarios for use of the DDCC:VS

“The primary target audience of this document is national authorities tasked with creating or overseeing the development of a digital vaccination certificate solution for COVID-19. The document may also be useful to government partners such as local businesses, international organizations, non- governmental organizations and trade associations, that may be required to support Member States in developing or deploying a DDCC:VS solution.”

The DDCC:VS is meant for use at schools, at work, for international travel, and for contact tracing initiatives.

The document also shows its proposed vaccine passport template, with a QR code featured on the front, but further in the app shows personal information about the number of vaccines received.

A similar vaccine passport project in the works, called CommonPass, is also backed by the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

It’s notable how the only groups actively pushing for global vaccine passports are also the main proponents of the so-called Great Reset, a post-human plan outlined by WEF founder Klaus Schwab which seeks to deindustrialize the West, abolish private property, introduce biometric surveillance, and move humanity to a diet of bugs in the name of fighting climate change.

Read the WHO document:


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