The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Between Late Yar’Adua, Jonathan and Buhari

The Good Yar’Adua publicly declared his assets.
The Ugly Buhari never made his declaration public.

The Good Yar’Adua brought down the price of petrol from N75 to N65.
The Ugly Buhari raised the price of petrol by almost 90% “to help Dangote cabal refineries’ stock to rise” as the Presidency confessed on May 13, 2016.

The Good Yar’Adua told EFCC Ribadu to go after everyone including Obasnajo and Dangote who got him there.
The Ugly Buhari leaves Chagoury Tinubu, Halliburton Atiku and Obasanjo, Dubai Buratai, Billionaire Dambazzau, Dangote and other cabal.

The Good Yar’Adua ordered the EFCC to never detain anyone longer than what the law allows.
The Ugly Buhari detains anyone he hates at will for as long as he likes.

The Good Yar’Adua ordered the EFCC to always finish their investigations before making arrests.
The Ugly Buhari arrests his enemies first then investigates later if at all and for his friends, creates Presidential panels to shield them indefinitely even when millions of dollars are found with them.

The Good Yar’Adua overturned the sale of Nigeria’s refineries to Dangote and Otedola.
The Ugly Buhari is struggling for how to keep the refineries not working so he can sell them to the cabal.

The Good Yar’Adua ordered the NNPC to stop subsidy for fuel.
The Ugly Buhari connived with Godwin Emefiele to give FOREX subsidy billions to the cabal.

The Good Yar’Adua reversed the VAT increment from 10% to 5%
The Ugly Buhari added an international phone surcharge of 600% for all Nigerians calling home from overseas.

The Good Yar’Adua defeated Boko Haram and killed its leader and at the same time settled MEND.
The Ugly Buhari has carved out territory for Boko Haram and not killed a single leader or arrested a single sponsor, while he has freed baddest terrorists and funded the group over $2million while also allowing a suspected sponsor, Senator Ndume to go free by not bringing other implicated persons, AGF Adoke and VP Sambo to court.

The Good Yar’Adua pioneered the policy of returning unspent funds to the national treasury at the end of the fiscal year.
The Ugly Buhari cannot trace or reveal details of Paris funds.

The Good Yar’Adua Under his watch, the courts regained their freedom. They handed down verdicts that cancelled political victories even though his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was the victim.
The Ugly Buhari has totally subverted the law and courts and rendered them a joke, weaponized against the Nigerian masses. Taking 400 attorneys to defend his certificate case was the first step.

Of course, the Bad is Jonathan, however unlike weak and politically desperate Osinbajo, Jonathan showed courage sacking sick Yar’Adua’s cabinet 2 months before he died while Osinbajo is unable to and feigns incapacitation due to the corrupt cabal he romances and shields, like the Oke $43million case, grasscutter Babachir, Abba Kyari and so on.

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