Governor Bindow Banned From Hometown

Adamawa governor Bino Jibrilla


People of Mubi where Governor Bindow hails from have barred him from visiting his home town for past two months.

During the past Sallah and whenever the governor tries to visit the town the people barricade roads with sticks.

The governor tried to enter the town three times with all securities around him but the people forced him to return to Yola. He set a committee to visit Mubi on his behalf to setup a project that he will award to his home town but his people sent them back including the security agents who had to spend the night in neighboring Maiha Local government as they could not sleep in Mubi.

After Federal Government recaptured Mubi from Boko Haram the people complained that the governor did nothing to improve their lives. The townsmen sent a letter to the emir of Mubi that they will not allow the Governor enter Mubi if he did not appease them, and if he tries to enter town by force he should count himself responsible for whatever may happen to him.

The governor entered global headlines this August for spending $1 million allegedly to pay spiritualists to “pray” against Daesh terror.