Governor Fayose Must Be Arrested Immediately


For the obstruction of justice; for barring lawmakers from their constitutional duties; for imposing illegal blockades and barriers around Ekiti; for blocking citizens and lawmakers alike from conducting their business and going to their jobs; for recruiting and sponsoring thugs and terrorists to participate in misdemeanours, public criminal conduct, reckless endangerment and obstruction of democratic processes, and other offences (including the rigging as caught-on-tape of the elections he was purported to have won in the first place), the governor of Ekiti state deserves to be immediately arrested and charged duly.

Fayose uses trailers to block highway
Fayose uses trailers to block highway

The ambition and occupation of one Nigerian citizen must never be put above the survival, occupations and ambitions of the whole. No single Nigerian citizen is more valuable than others. In attempting to save his singular job, the Ekiti governor has by his conduct obstructed hundreds of civil servants, traders and commoners from doing theirs and further denied them of their security. Citizens are being obstructed from seeing their families and seeking medical attention. The continued criminal conduct of the governor and those involved in executing his wishes is continuously leading to hardship and death of Nigerian citizens.

The governor by his conduct has violated the tenets of democracy which Nigeria is struggling to attain. Democracy has the advantages which the governor enjoyed twice, of processes that allow the election of candidates as he was. But Democracy fails to exist if the checks like the processes of impeachment are abandoned or obstructed. You cannot have one without the other. By obstructing this democratic process and protection, the governor has denied the very democratic process that got him elected twice. He has contravened the Nigerian constitution, conducting himself as an enemy of the state.

The governor of Ekiti is setting a very scary precedence in Nigeria by destroying our democracy and flagrantly obstructing the rule of law. By taking authority into his hands and the hands of thugs and terrorists, governor Fayose has become a rebel and terrorist no different from Gani Adams, Mujahid Asari-Dokubo and Abubakar Shekau.

We call on the Nigerian security services to immediately fulfill their sworn obligations by disbanding the terror formation on the streets of Ekiti that have been barricading our roads leading to public danger angst and terror. We also herewith call on the nation’s security heads to immediately remand Governor Ayodele Fayose into custody and charge him as applicable for his numerous crimes.

Ekiti and Nigeria is bigger than any single individual. Nigeria belongs to all and Nigeria belongs to no single person, politician or otherwise. Political thuggery and violence which the governor has engaged in in the previous PDP and current APC governments has no place in progressive nation building. It lies at the root of Boko Haram, MEND, etc.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian