Grandmother, 56, gives birth to her son and daughter-in-law’s baby

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A grandmother from Utah was a gestational carrier for her son and daughter-in-law and she gave birth to her granddaughter named Hannah.

Hannah’s mom, Cambria Hauck, told TODAY Parents back in September that she could not carry another pregnancy after previously delivering two sets of twins.

After Cambria’s last delivery, she developed placenta increta (when the placenta remains in the uterus) and had an emergency hysterectomy.

Cambria and Jeff had planned to use their stored embryos from past fertility treatments for another baby, but as Cambria didn’t want to risk her life.

That’s when her husband, Jeff’s 56-year-old mother Nancy Hauck stepped in.

Nancy, a mother-of-five, told Parents: “I could just feel this calling to offer to carry for them.

“I knew I was too old. I knew it wasn’t going to be possible, even though that’s exactly what’s happened. I just felt I needed to tell them I would be willing to do it.”

In October 2021, Nancy made a generous proposal to her son and daughter-in-law.