Hajj 2017: Over N57 Billion Fraud at NAHCON – Abubakar Yusuf

2017 Hajj cost N1,526,400 per each pilgrim according to NAHCON, a thorough analysis of all expenses proved that there is massive fraud in NAHCON in collaboration with State Pilgrims Welfare Boards (SPWB).

N928,000 per each pilgrim is enough for this year’s Hajj, in fact some independent travel agencies are collecting N1,000,0000 per each intending pilgrims.

95,000 allocated pilgrims slots for Nigeria will pay a total sum of N145Billion instead of N88Billion paying an excess charges of N57Billion that will disappeared through the pockets of NAHCON and SPWB officials.

FGN shall review all the cost especially the following:-

1) Air Ticket from N518,500 to N325,000
2) Hotel Accomm N415,968 to N213,500
3) Tent services from N70,000 to N28,400
4) United Agent fee from 98,000 to 15,000

All these expenses can be objectively verified at the recommended charges or lower than that.

NAHCON will get dollars from CBN at official rate of N305/$ and later sell the excess dollar allocation at black Market at prevailing rate of N365/$.