Half of Americans fear AI will steal their jobs – survey

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Bloomberg reported this week that an increasing number of US workers are concerned that new technology would one day cost them their employment, citing a Harris Poll survey done on behalf of the American Staffing Association (ASA).

According to the survey, 47% believe that machines may easily replace them at work. This is a significant increase from 2017, when only 27% of workers believed automation, including robots and AI, could replace them.

“Worker attitudes toward artificial intelligence have shifted dramatically in just a few short years.” labor used to believe that AI programs might assist human labor. Workers are now scared that AI may completely replace them,” ASA CEO Richard Wahlquist stated in response to the findings.

According to the survey, industrial workers believe their jobs are most likely to be replaced by technology, while healthcare workers believe they are least vulnerable. Younger employees, blacks, and Hispanics appear to be the most anxious about possible job market changes owing to technological advancements, with around 55% of Generation Z and millennials believing their employment could be replaced. White Americans appear to be less concerned about automation, with less than 40% expressing similar concerns. Only 26% of Baby Boomers are anxious about the likelihood of being replaced.

Overall, 74% of respondents either’strongly agree’ or’somewhat agree’ that rising automation could lead to a rise in unemployment.

Nonetheless, the data show that the majority of respondents across all income levels regard greater use of technology in the workplace as mostly positive, with more than 30% already utilizing AI at work. Respondents with higher job levels tend to be more accepting of workplace automation; although 65% of senior managers stated it is good for workers, only 51% of middle-level employees agreed.

On June 20-22, an online survey of 2,000 US adults was performed.