Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H)!

You deserve our greatest respect for the lives you have positively touched and the hope you have instilled in us all. Your thoughtful leadership, great vision and exceptional sincerity has had a positive impact on every aspect of our communities and country. You have been a role model to millions of people across all continents! You have been an inspiration to us and future generations. May all your dreams come true on this special day of yours!

Thank you for being our greatest asset. We all respect you and wish that everyone could understand your true worth. We are delighted to mark this special day with you even as you are unjustifiably detained incommunicado. We wish you many more years in your mission to change lives positively!

May the Almighty annihilate your sworn manifest and hidden enemies, at home and abroad! May the Almighty keep off from you the obstinate deceit of the vindictive malicious, and the crafty artifice of the cunning imposter. May the Almighty put an end to the intentions of him who desires to destroy you and divert his attention from you and involve him in his own overbearing anxieties which has no remedies, misfortune and ill health which he can’t deal with.

May God be with you on your special day and all the other years ahead.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

*©#FreeZakzaky Campaign Committee*