Hariri Resignation: Saudi Arabia Has Declared War On Lebanon – Nasrallah Says; Kingdom Scrambles Jets

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah says Saudi Arabia has declared war on Lebanon, adding that the “detention” and “house arrest” of Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri an “unprecedented Saudi intervention” in Lebanon’s internal affairs.

The reports of the assassination plot were fabricated by the Saudis, Nasrallah claimed, while the PM’s resignation speech was also written by them, he claimed in a televised speech.

The Hezbollah leader also stated that the Lebanese government is still legitimate and urged all the parties to cooperate with it. Nasrallah claimed that Hariri was prevented by the Saudis from returning to Lebanon, while the whole situation around resignation of the PM was an “unprecedented Saudi intervention” in Lebanon’s internal affairs.

The Saudi plot also involved inciting Israel to strike Lebanon, he claimed.