Hate Acts: Politicians, Officers Involved In Election Violence, Rigging Should Be Killed, Have Heads On Spikes


To all Nigerians, the shameful, deadly tragedy that has been our elections as conducted by the Buhari government is the greatest threat to our existence today and those behind it deserve the worst forms of capital punishment. The report of a governor being bounced at the US embassy while pleasing to hear is hardly enough punishment for these evil politicians and security service vampires. They deserve death by hanging and their heads to be on spikes for their “Hate Acts.”

The brazen perpetrators, governors, police command and all executives who use the Nigerian police to perpetrate acts of violence on voters, to rig elections and cancel voting in areas where they know they expect no votes, are the worst form of terror on the people’s present and future.

These government officials and politicians are involved in death right now. So many innocent youth and elderly have been reported killed including a nephew of Dino Melaye. The politicians and state security officers behind this should be killed for these acts of terror. They should be hung and their heads put on spikes. They are involved in death not just today but tomorrow. They come on bended knees to beg and then terrorize us to steal elections and impose criminal, wicked and corrupt, useless administrators upon us to cause our suffering and death for four-year stretches. 

Ironically Nigeria’s ruling APC party controlled Assembly is thirsty to set into law a so-called “Hate speech bill” that targets social media active Nigerian youth.

The bill the blood thirsty lawmakers are approving, threatens youth on social media with death by hanging if they ever accidentally make an erroneous post and a terrorist or other blood thirsty killer claims the post prompted them to take innocent lives.

Governor Masari with Fulani Terrorist Leader

Nigeria’s rulers interestingly work with and forgive terrorists, grant them amnesty rewards, take pictures smiling beside armed terrorists. Our authorities even go as far as promising that terrorists will someday become president. But while they cherish terrorists who help foment the chaos and distractions that keep them in power, their greatest nightmares are media active youth. Social media empowered youth who dare to question and hold them to account.

Nigeria is a failed state. Justice is on its head.Terrorists are in charge. The judiciary has been blackmailed, bought and sold. The police and army are agencies of state perpetrator terror, oppression and election rigging. Death is dished to the innocent by the guilty. We need a Revolution Now! But alas, I won’t hold my breath because Nigeria’s youth are too lazy to react and revolt. “Suffering and shmiling” Fela sang of them. Heroes like Sowore are illegally detained on their behalf and they still cower in their mama’s bosoms. So it will be death for social media posts as terrorists govern.

Dr. Issa Perry Brimah @EveryNigerian