Help! Our Government Protects Boko Haram Terrorists From Us

Hundreds of police protect Boko Haram linked Modu Sheriff


modu2Our president on the 9th of March, 2011, announced that he knew the sponsors of Boko Haram terror. It is over three years later; he leaves them free and federally financed to continue to sponsor our deaths.

For his five years in office and the same five years of terror, not a single politician sponsor of Boko Haram has been incarcerated or killed. Not a single one. Who does he protect?

Our National Security Adviser, late Andrew Owoye Azazi was fired by our president and subsequently got killed after being under threat from the ruling party for declaring that its members were the sponsors of Boko Haram. Our heroes are killed to protect the terror!

Our President on August 2nd of 2012 earned himself the wrath of the Christian Association of Nigeria and all well meaning Nigerians for defending Boko Haram terrorists with the statement: “They (Boko Haram) are our siblings and you cannot send the army to wipe out your family…. We are handling them with a soft approach.”

Despite opposition from all well meaning Nigerians, our President continued to insist on offering an amnesty to Boko Haram terrorists with the blood of thousands of innocents on their hands, whereas today good citizens and vigilantes are arrested, punished and killed for fighting for peace and security.

Our president according to Hon. Robert P. Jackson of US Department of State, fought the United States not to list Boko Haram as a FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organisation), despite calls for this by Nigerian individuals and groups. Whereas the same president was one of the first Africa’s leaders to deliver terror to the people of Libya by signing off Gaddafi and supporting the NATO + LIGF/al Qaeda Benghazi brewed aggression.

Janjaweed Connection: President Jonathan embraces Borno ex governor implicated as Boko Haram sponsor
Janjaweed Connection: President Jonathan embraces Borno ex governor implicated as Boko Haram sponsor

Our deputy minister of defense was chosen to win Lagos for his party and not win the war on terror and our minister of defense is selected despite being a known messenger of suffering and death from the past dictatorial regimes, not for his ability to defend the nation from terror he supervised the formation of in office as NSA, but for his ebbing political clout to hopefully deliver a handful of votes.

Our president, rather than detain and investigate the named sponsors of Boko Haram; ex-governor Ali Modu Sheriff and Ex-Army General Azubuike Ihejirika, embraces them further and provides the ex-governor army battalions, armored trucks, bomb trucks, SSS and police escorts in the hundreds to protect his way in political shows in war-torn Borno state, in the highest display of insensitivity, callousness and praise for terror the world has ever witnessed.

Our president signs off fictitious and unilateral ceasefires with Boko Haram that allow the group freedom to abduct, kill and capture territory across Nigeria with the Nigerian military ordered to stand down. Whose interest does he serve?

Our President orders the arrest and undermining of civilian patriot volunteers who liberated our Boko Haram occupied cities and persecutes them; whereas Boko Haram is offered impunity, cessations of government fire and humongous bribe with helicopters found ferrying arms and  stashes of up to $6 million dollars to supply Boko Haram.

Nigerians have been called on to rise up and defend themselves from this government supported and sponsored terror. We call on all neighboring African nations, countries of the world and all international organizations and players to recognize the situation Nigerians find themselves in and take appropriate actions against the leadership of the nation.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian