Help! I Am Being Ruled By Civilian Terrorists – Nigerian

May 9th, 2013

by A Nigerian

To the world – Please help me, I am being ruled by civilian terrorists in broad day light. There is nothing I can do.

Over 30 police officers were killed today in Nigeria and our “House of Representatives” just pleaded with the police not to hunt the cult that perpetrated this horrendous violation. I just read that the house offers to placate the families, but wishes the cultists be left with absolute impunity.

Read this here:

Nigerian lawmakers beg police to forgive Nasarawa militia that killed over 30 police officers

The House of Representatives issued a surprising plea to police authorities Thursday, urging the force to let go of any plan to retaliate against the killing of more than 30 of its personnel by a suspected cult group in Nasarawa State. …

Raising the matter for urgent consideration, the lawmaker representing the area in the House, Kigbu Haruna (PDP), said that within six months, the state has lost many people as a result of similar clashes.

Mr. Haruna urged the Federal and Nasarawa State governments to dialogue with the group involved in the killings instead of retaliating.

Our leaders do not understand that under no situation should civilians ever kill security personnel or even other civilians. That this is never the route to express grievance. Our leaders are barbarians. They are aggressively promoting a culture of barbarism. Life here is now less than valueless! Every people are now being segregated in this madness.

Each politician now owns his ethnic militia. The culture of amnesty for terrorism has now made my country the first in the world where people compete to see who can be more brutal, cause more deaths to civilian and state security alike in order to get the best government amnesty and even official government appointment. This democracy has totally destroyed us!

In my country, the president always tells us that he knows the sponsors of Boko Haram terrorism, who have killed over 5000 Nigerians since he was “elected” into power, May 2011. But yet, he never calls them out, or tells the people who they are so we can require it of them.

It is sheer terrorism in Nigeria. I have never seen or heard of anything like this. We the people are being killed, our security services are being killed, and the government harbors terrorists, we find bomb factories and terrorist masterminds in their houses, in the ruling PDP members houses, in opposition CPC members houses. Noble laureate, Wole Soyinka called the ruling PDP party, “a den of terrorists.” Our former national security adviser, Azazi similarly confessed that the ruling party was behind the Boko Haram terrorism, shortly after he was fired and his helicopter blew up in the sky. May he rest in peace.

We are in trouble here in Nigeria. I am imploring on the good people of the world to save us. We are ruled by very dangerous civilian terrorists. Very brazen too. It is an open story that last month, the Special adviser to the president, Kingsley Kuku  in the United States blackmailed the nation to his listeners, telling them that unless the current president is re-elected in 2015, the region they both hail from will set the nation on fire. This can be read here.

And it is a real threat. We are finished in Nigeria. Impunity, impunity; impunity for all terrorists. The government are behind all terrorism, this is why they never prosecute or make any reasonable level arrest. This is why they get the terrorists released. They beg the police not to kill them. They sponsor the terrorists, give them contracts and big wads of money. It is called “donations for charity.”

Kidnappers, radical Islamists, cultists, all operate in concert with the government. All are governments hired agents. Together they have destroyed life of the citizens and continue to reign this type of terror on us.

The president has given a southern terrorist leader from their region, a hooligan named Tompolo, an N8.5 billion naira contract to be the nations security forces in the oil region. Replacing the army. The president has likewise given another terrorist leader, Mujahid Dokubo Asari, from the same region, who should be in jail for openly confessing and conceding that “he did not sign the amnesty,” another 1.6 billion naira to also be part of this southern terrorist rebel security forces. Mujahid’s forces recently killed 16 police men in the south with absolute impunity. The same fellow this month threatened the entire nation with brimstone if their king, is not re-elected. These are people that should have been locked up for life or worse. They harass the entire nation at will from Aso rock in the the nations capital.

This is the situation we are in, in Nigeria. We need help. The army is being undermined and all the politicians are arming terrorists and rebels in their quarters and keeping them under impunity. These terrorists have now made habit of killing the ill-equipped, low morale security men in the country, north and south. The government is trying to wipe out our security men, so their terrorists can give them a permanent hold on power. They are deliberately enabling Boko Haram to overrun the north, our army there are not given bullets, the police too, no bullets, no helicopters. So Boko Haram drives freely in and out and slaughters them. So MEND terrorists down south can easily overrun what is left of the army. Our brothers and sisters are all being slaughtered for political purposes.

Dear citizens of the United Nations, China, Russia, please come to our rescue in Nigeria. We need help. We need help!