Highway Robbery Toll Gates Ponzi By Fashola [VIDEO]


This article was first published November 25 2017

The system in Nigeria is repeated over and over. The government always claims that it cannot keep its accounts, collect its taxes or monitor its payments or run its assets, so it employs a private sector company run by its cabal friends to do these things or buy them over.

At every opportunity where billions are handled, these private sector cabal companies run by the establishment that sponsors the two major political parties, collects a percentage from the wealth for the masses.

Fashola and his God-father Tinubu have established such siphons in Lagos that continuously fatten their pockets while draining the masses. The nationwide toll gates to be introduced are no different. The fact that nothing is free for Nigeria’s masses anymore and they never benefit a dime from the reaping of the nation’s oil and mineral wealth aside, now with the toll gates to be deployed, Fashola and Buhari’s friends’ companies will be employed to collect the taxes at a fine of say 10%. This will amount to billions every year.. Quite soon the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich.

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