How Hired Radical Thugs With Police Escorts Raided And Burned Our Stores – Kaduna Muslim Minority

Extremist hoodlum terrorists chartered by El-Rufai government and transported in police vehicles to massacre Nigerians

Attack on Shiite Muslims in Kaduna: Hypocrisy, deception, cowardice

Hired thugs with police escort went from house to house and from shop to shop of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria looting their property and striking them with cutlasses and other sharp objects in Kaduna.

They moved from community to community with the thugs cheering the police and the police telling them that they are doing a good job.

What is more is that among the police officers leading the operation were also flanked by two known Wahhabi clerics whose names I will reserve for later mention chanting “no more Shi’a”.

Kaduna Governor Nasir El-Rufai
Kaduna Governor Nasir El-Rufai

My wife is a direct victim because her chemist is one of the places targeted at Unguwan Muazu where they destroyed all the medicines and broke all the shelves and the display glasses. Close-by was a provision store owned by her younger brother from which they stole everything including the deep freezer. They also entered their family house and looted a lot of property and electronics.

I used the above example from among several other examples available of the damages by the team of police and thugs because of an incident that followed. It was said that based on a report by a victim at Kinkinau community, some policemen went round to assess the extent of damages done. On arrival at my wife’s family house they asked her elder brother whether it was true that police accompanied the thugs.

Takfiri thugs being transported in police vehicles to massacre Shia Muslims in Nigeria's north
Takfiri thugs being transported in police vehicles to massacre Shia Muslims in Nigeria’s north
Thugs, muft-dressed policemen or takfiri hooligans in police vans
Thugs, muft-dressed policemen or takfiri hooligans in police vans


Her elder brother said he is a victim and would not speak to them to avoid seeing it as a bias or fabrication. He said they should ask other people of the community to tell them what they saw. The police confirmed from those in the community that the thugs were escorted by more than 13 police vehicles.

In one of the houses they attacked belonging to a friend of mine Awwal Sherif they struck his eldest daughter with machete and looted his property as well.

It would be a stupid insult on the police to claim that they were not aware of what was happening because it didn’t just take place instantaneously and finished it took place for over five hours moving from community to community. For the police to have claimed ignorance of it tells the stuff the police is made of.

After they had a field day looting from the Shiites, the Police Public Relations Department issued a press release that said nothing. There was no mention of any plan by the police to arrest the thugs or to even investigate the matter. There was also no remorse or commiseration with the victims by the police.

All the police said was that they have observed that some members of the public have become lawless and act in manners detrimental to law and order and in total disregard to rights of other citizens.

The statement also said that the Police Commissioner, Kaduna State Police Command hereby reminds the general public that the maintenance of law and order will not be compromised and anybody found committing acts detrimental to the peace of the society will be dealt with accordingly.

The statement also added that they are hereby advised to remain calm as the command is dedicated to the safety and security of lives and property.

This statement is not any different from that of the Kaduna state Governor Nasir El-Rufai who shed crocodile tears after butchering the Shiites on the day of Ashura claiming that perpetrators of the crimes should be arrested and made to face the law. He also deceptively claimed that he commiserates with the victims.

This whole saga is a plot intended at dispersing the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) and also blackmailing its members. They wanted the IMN members to engage the police, police dressed like thugs carrying arms and the hired thugs. They have made all efforts to provoke IMN members into violence but all to no avail.

Being that the IMN did not react to their plan they decided for the worse and attacked the houses and shops of IMN members but still, their plans have not succeeded as even the public are condemning the governor and the police for irresponsibility.

They have now ignited another sectarian crisis between the Muslims especially between the Tarikas and the Izala. The Izalas, the Wahhabis of Nigeria, who are partners of the government in the clampdown on IMN members, are being condemned by the Tarikas. They say that they would not tolerate that clampdown on them because the Izalas are already looking towards them as the next target.

This has raised tension and the Izalas are planning to extend the clampdown on the Tarikas when they finished with the Shiites if they ever do.

One would wonder why the government has joined hands with the Wahhabis to fight against the IMN. The politicians were bribed in billions of Naira and they want by all means to reach their hands on the monies. They are desperate and hungry as they don’t have enough monies to steal from government coffers. They want to enjoy blood money by killing the IMN members.

This has now led to the government loosing public support and popularity due to irresponsibility and personal whims of the government and their security agents.