Ijaw Elder, Prof Tam David West Blasts Nigerian President, Says He Should Be Removed Immediately

Tam David-West


Rough transcript:

Anyone that is complacent about the state of affairs in Nigeria is an enemy of Nigeria.

It is a terrible situation. We should be ashamed, the President should be ashamed.

He is commander in chief, he is the Chief executive officer, the number 1 security officer, citizen of Nigeria.

The constitution is clear, the security of the citizens is the primary responsibility of the government. Any government that cannot afford the security and good well being of the people is an absurdity and must not stay there for one minute.

I am not advocating violent overthrow, but the people must rise up. Why some governments are taking Nigeria for granted is because our citizens are followers. They are too complacent. We cannot sustain sustained revolt.

You can change bad government by only two ways: by the bullet or peaceful protest.

Gandhi showed that non violence can win. it is shameful, disgraceful.

I am ashamed Jonathan can show his face in international fora. Over 200 girls abducted for over 3 months… and you (Jonathan) is still talking rubbish.

obama patienceFirst he was not even sure, your wife said nothing happened, he said nothing happened, later he changed, he said he knows where they are. If you know where they are, why don’t you bring them? All the army/security in the country cannot bring them.

The President is afraid of Boko Haram. And he said they infiltrated his cabinet. You are not ashamed! If you know they infiltrated his cabinet, why does he not expose them and say so-so is Boko Haram, you are afraid of them. Up til now he has not gone to Chibok, rather he did that cosmetic move to see them, and invited them to Abuja… then he dashed  them money.  He was exposed… is money life…money is not everything.

They have proved the President is weak. He (the President) can not even go to the site. That will have been a good psychological effect if he visited Chibok for both the parents and world. And they are taking more and more villages. Some Chibok girls escaped… not by the President but by God and their ingenuity. But up till now they are still kidnapping Nigerians, your own ccitizens and you say you are a President. In fact, the Boko Haram matter alone disqualifies Jonathan from seeking a second term, no matter how else he performed and he performed very badly in every other thing. I say this, he has performed very badly. I am an Ijaw man and I say this. I am full blown ijaw, not like other … full blown Ijaw, mother and father.

If an Ijaw man is President, i will be very happy. i said it based on MLK that I had a dream of minority leader of Nigeria. i should be very happy for Jonathan if he was doing well.. I will go to Abuja and embrace him, but if he is doing poorly, I will run away from him like a leper!