#ImpeachJonathan: Dr Peregrino Brimah Tweets 34 Reasons Why Nigeria’s President Should Be Impeached

Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan

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In true practice of democracy, Presidents all over the world have been impeached for fewer and less grave offenses than the listed. The Nigerian Senate and House of Reps has listed 50 reasons why they intend to commence impeachment process against the embattled Nigerian President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Dr. Brimah, a public activist and social commentator has tweeted a list of some known grievances with the current Nigerian leader:

1. For the illegal imposition of an army chief, Ihejirika, not confirmed by the senate to deliver Boko Haram terror to Nigeria #ImpeachJonathan
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2. For stealing all the money and causing 100m Nigerians to be desolate in times of plenty (high oil $)and now comes austerity #ImpeachJonathan
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3. For all the industrial actions that wrecked life, like the ASUU strikes and ASUT and NMA as he embezzled billions #ImpeachJonathan
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4. For the geological pollution of Bayelsa making it the most poisoned piece of real estate in the entire planet #ImpeachJonathan
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Janjaweed Connection: President Jonathan embraces Borno ex governor implicated as Boko Haram sponsor
Janjaweed Connection: President Jonathan embraces Borno ex governor implicated as Boko Haram sponsor

5. For arming Boko Haram and conceding Nigeria’s territory to Boko Haram across the northeast, disintegrating Nigeria #ImpeachJonathan
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6. For the gross tyranny and police violation of the hunters and NASS and Rivers government and all of us Nigerians #ImpeachJonathan
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7. For the oil subsidy scam and the failure to prosecute any of the cabal and for Farouk d crook still walking free on salary #ImpeachJonathan
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8. For the ban on Tokunbo cars without any public transport system to convey the 100 million poor of Nigeria #ImpeachJonathan
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9. For the Cabalization of our state assets and the higher price Nigerians pay for the non existent power supply #ImpeachJonathan
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10. For the sacking and subsequent murder of NSA Andrew Owoye Azazi for exposing Boko Haram’s links to PDP, #ImpeachJonathan
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11. For Namadi Sambo’s clearly defined links to Boko Haram and Bamanga Tukur’s support and promotion of Boko Haram #ImpeachJonathan

Where Is Our Money Black and White Text Banner LARGE
Dr. Peregrino Brimah starts #WhereIsOurMoney protests at Nigerian embassy, New York February 2014

12. For Oritsejafor jet $10 million arms, cash smuggling illegal scandal and embarrassment #ImpeachJonathan

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13. For arresting Sarkin Baka the vigilante leader who led the freedom of Mubi and Maiha #ImpeachJonathan
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14. For denying that the 234 girls were abducted and allowing the hippopotamus harass the school principal, #ImpeachJonathan
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15. For dancing over Nyanya and 234 abduction, #ImpeachJonathan
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16. For calling #BokoHaram his siblings and declaring that he will use kid gloves and soft approach for them, #ImpeachJonathan
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17. For 16 > 19 Nigeria Governors forum scandal and attempted fraud, #ImpeachJonathan
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18. For the fuel subsidy scam and riots and the innocent Nigerians killed January 2012, #ImpeachJonathan
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19. For the kerosene subsidy scam that Diezani uses to rip poor Nigerians off of $4m every day till date, #ImpeachJonathan
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20. For not revealing the sponsors of #BokoHaram as he declared and is his duty to since 2011 #ImpeachJonathan
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21. For the #ImmigrationScam and those of our brothers, sisters and mothers killed by Abba Moro, still walking free. #ImpeachJonathan
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22. For the #OduahGate scandal and Coscharis and Oduah still walking free, #ImpeachJonathan
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23. For the dead in Adamawa and Borno from the scam “ceasefire” #ImpeachJonathan
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24. For the failure to prosecute Ihejirika and Modu Sheriff, rather conniving with them to deliver more Boko terror to #Nigeria #ImpeachJonathan
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25. For employing dictator IBB’s henchmen, Dasuki and Gusau, the same men who terrorized #Nigeria before as heads of security #ImpeachJonathan
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26. For offering an amnesty to #BokoHaram killers and rapists and stopping America from listing them as a FTO #ImpeachJonathan
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#ImpeachJonathan, #RemoveMark, #RemoveSambo, Remove all IBB’s boys. Invite Community reps, activists and form transitional govt 2 #SaveNig


27. For failing to arrest 1 politician sponsor of Boko, be they opposition or apposition, including those on the Moro report #ImpeachJonathan

28. For borrowing $1Bn to “fight Boko” (actually campaign $) then rather throwing a ceasefire at d terrorists in frank TREASON #ImpeachJonathan

29. For wickedly and carelessly promoting death-delivering corruption in #Nigeria, by publicly defending it as not stealing #ImpeachJonathan

30. For sharing #Nigeria army’s Abuja barrack dedicated Billions $ land to Ihejirika and his family names, Al Mustapha, etc #ImpeachJonathan

31. For the gross human right atrocities of the Nigerian army whose $ he diverted and he did not properly equip and support #ImpeachJonathan

32. For refusing to ever visit the NEast, Chibok, Yobe massacre, XYZ massacre victims & not knowing where Gwoza is #ImpeachJonathan
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33. For failing to investigate the true events around President Yar’Adua’s death including poisoning allegations #ImpeachJonathan
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34. For blocking justice for Patience when she was caught by the EFCC in 2006 trying to smuggle $13.6 Million out of Nigeria #ImpeachJonathan