Insecurity: Police Checkpoints Now Business Centers Along Kano – Sokoto Highway


By: Ahmad Shehu

Kano to Sokoto, a journey of about five to seven hours that  spans more than 500km across three states- Katsina, Zamfara, and Sokoto with approximately more than 30 police check point and road blocks.

These road blocks aims at nothing but collects more of like a compulsory fee on most bus drivers rather than security checking on passenger’s luggage. Investigations and thorough full check is only done when the driver of a bus is not cooperative or fails to give bribe to men of the security forces mounting the road block.

More security troops were deployed to man highways in and around the Northern part of the country due to recent insurgency in the region yet, cases of terrorism are on the horizon. This may be due to high rate of corruption by security personnels in the region.

So far Mr. President and the service chiefs want to stop insurgency in the northern part of the country, security personnel must be devoid of corruption.
Comerade Ahmad shehu Kano