Inter-religious Harmony: Bush-Hunters, Islamic Scholars Storm S’Kaduna Church To Foster Peace and Unity with Christians [AUDIO]

In what appears to be the first of its kind toward peace building  and religious Tolerance in Nigeria, A Team of 10 Muslim Bush-Hunters and other Islamic scholars join their Christians counterpart of  southern part of Kaduna Northern city of Nigeria to worship for the Sunday service.

The Team of the Nigerian Association of Bush –Hunters Kaduna Branch, which is headed by Mallam Nuhu Jumare, and other Islamic scholars from  neighboring states, which according to them ,the reasons of their visit to the church this Sunday is to strengthening peaceful co-existence between Muslims and Christians ,and to support Government in the fight against  all forms of insecurity challenges disturbing peace stability in the entire 19 northern states of Nigeria.

Indeed, the church members were at first seen panicking  in the church premises due to the presence of news faces in their mixed during the service earlier today  ,but later when the team leader of the group grab the mic and explained their reasons of coming, and why they selected the church for the visit this Sunday, every one was seen Dancing and rejoicing with the August visitors.

Mallam Jumare said,”I came here with some of the Hunters  union leaders from all the 23 local government of the state, and some Imams, in other to immensely appreciate the effort of peace building and the  promotion of religious tolerance  in which the general overseer of the church is doing every day, that is aimed at fostering peace, better understanding, among different faith base organization in the country.”

Jumare pointed out clearly  that,”we chooses this church, because we observed that in the whole Nigeria,this is the only church were Muslims like to visit and talk about building peace and other issues concerning religious tolerance because of the Good relationship between the leader of the church pastor Yohanna Buru and To Muslims communities.”

Jumare added that”Muslims Youth, scholars ,and female from long distance places across the 36 states of Nigeria  usually  enter Christian communities Like Sabon Tasha which is purely 100 % Christian habitants without any pear to visit the church, because of good relationship the church has with Muslims and other non-religious believer in the community.”

Mallam Jumare said, we must at all cost support government and civil societies organizations CSOs and Non-governmental organization NGOs with Religious bodies effort  in the daily fight against  the increasing insecurity challenges  that is disturbing  our forestry ,in other to immensely  find means of ending all forms of ethno-religious, political crisis,and also to encourage Government in tackling the menace of   Arm robbery attacked hiding inside Bush, cattle rustling, kidnapper, and terror activities.

Furthermore Jumare added that, we visited the church today so as to mixed and interact with our Christian brothers, and learnt to be our brothers keepers in the fight against bad eggs in our society, and to remind our serves that we are from one family under God, Adams and Ever were our biological parents, and we both believed in the holy Books “Bible and Qur’an.”

“We must stop stigmatizing and showing differences among each other irresspective of our religious and cultural difference, in other to make Nigeria great again and again.”

In his own remark  mallam Gambo Abdullahi who is Islamic scholar in kaduna,also commented that, “continuous Visitation of  each other in  their holy places of worship would surely encourage better understanding on the real teaching of our holy Books”Bible and Qur’an” and these would make different faith base organizations learnt to tolerate, accommodate forgive one another,spread the message of peace and harmony between muslims and Christian.”

The cleric added that,”we must join hands with every one in this country to preach and spread the message of peace every were,again we must support government in the fight against religious Extremist, and destroyed  all Terror network that are causing serious damages to peace and stability in the country.

“I am so happy to find my self in the mixed of my brothers”the christians”and I pray that  may God Almighty continued to  keep us together, so that we can eliminate our enemies,that are joining us fighting each other.”

Mallam Gambo said “we are not happy seeing How Kaduna state is Divided into 2 region, The southern part of the state is highly dominated by Christians brothers, and equally the Northern region was also dominated by the Muslims, and according to him this is a total setback to all peace loving nation, seeing how this is disintegrating a great united nation like Nigeria.

Responding on half of the ministry, pastor Yohanna Buru ,who is the general over seer of Christ evangelical intecessary fellowship ministry Sabon Tassha kaduna south said,” this is yet another  Good Sunday for us,that we are together with our Muslims brothers for the Sunday service, just like how it happen last Two weeks ago, when our brothers Muslims Fulani’s from the southern part of Kaduna came to join us.

Pastor Yohanna said, your coming to the church to understanding Christians and what is all about Christianity would help both the Two religious practitioners understand the importance of tolerating one another in peace building.

Pastor Buru urged the hunters and Islamic scholars to help in spreading the message of peace To all mankind not just to muslims and Christians and pagans alone ,but also to animals,” please tell farmers and Nomads to live in peace, tells also your bush animals to live in peace, and tell all the dangerous men that are living in our forestry to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors so that we can have ever-lasting peace everywhere in Nigeria.