Tragic Vaxx Tales: abc Media Affiliate Requests Unvaccinated Deaths — Instead Receives Thousands of Personal Vaccine Horror Accounts!

wxyz news post
wxyz news post
Lazy eyes listen
  • The local news media’s FaceBook post was an avenue for thousands to post intimate vaccine death and horror experiences
  • Almost all responses were of very close people who were hurt or had died after taking the vaccine


A local media in Detroit and an ABC affiliate WXYZ, in its Facebook post last week, requested call for stories on unvaccinated loved ones who had died “after the vaccines were available to everyone.”

The post read:

“After the vaccines were available to everyone, did you lose an unvaccinated loved one to COVID-19? If you’re willing to share your family’s story, please DM us your contact information. We may reach out for a story we’re working on.”

“WXYZ 7 Action News is Detroit’s breaking news and weather leader. Channel 7 – on-air, online at and always Taking Action for You,” according to its FaceBook “About” section.

What came next brings horror to every reader. Rather than receive posts of unvaccinated deaths for their story, thousands of real FaceBook users posted sad tales of how they had lost loved ones after they took Covid vaccines.

The responses from real are really so many and so horrible, we wish we were making this up!

The stories were similar to that of Texas’ Ernest Ramirez, who recently lost his son after a serious adverse reaction to the vaccine.

The #SilencedVoices kept pouring!

Could they all be liars or is it really so bad?

Some posted how they swiftly recovered from Covid despite being unvaccinated.

Others commented on how almost all the responses were the exact opposite of that the media expected and wondered if WXYZ-TV Channel 7 will report the truth they found.

And more sad stories kept coming:

Moms lost…

Pregnancies lost…

Stories on recoveries of unvaccinated, told with a passion…

Heart problems topped the list of causes of death and debility…

Some suggested ways to avoid mandatory vaccination…

Even comments within comments continued the tragic tale:

Heart attacks kept coming

Several complained of unilateral and bilateral sudden deafness

Sisters and mothers

Close loved ones. We typically picked examples of direct relations…and there were too many of those.

Pages and pages! 100,000+ comments

All we can say is that it looks bad!

Follow the thread yourself: