It’s The Fear Of Invasion Not About Illegals “Aliens”

Muammar Al Gaddafi (Killed by allied invasion of Libya)

by Farouk martins Aresa

One would think that the plight of African refugees could work miracles on African leaders to clean up their acts, develop a conscience and stop the bleeding of African children to death. We are mired in self-pity, squalor and stomach infrastructure that we fail to see beyond our noses. It’s a mystery that African leaders are not shedding tears at this point where the rich Continent finds its children. Realizing the suffering, sorrow and destruction of Jerusalem. Even Jesus wept!

It is not a good time to be a progressive, liberal or humanist in Europe and America. They are overwhelmed by a minority of extremists, loud and militant enough to outdo even those with a different view in the same party. The old conservatives are now a passé of the last generation. Most are voted out of offices for their moderating positions. Those that voted for immigration reform in United States and Europe are going to be sorry as those that voted for Iraq war.

The sight of the refugees in squalor, those suffocated to death in hot container and Africans dying in the oceans should have been a wake up call that no country would allow others to turn their land into what they turn their own countries. If your country is so dreadful and pitiful that you are willing to die just to leave it behind, they will not let you turn theirs into your country. This is hard to swallow but that is reality.

If there is any reason to stay and fight reactionaries, oppressors and looters in individual lands, it is the treatment received when they try to smuggle themselves into other’s countries. It has never been harder to migrate to greener pasture. The fact is greener pasture of eating in order to survive must be balanced with living with human dignity. How could we say we never knew it was so bad when people are dying in the seas, shot to death, spat on and reduced to creeps?

Africans that are known as their brothers’ keepers are dying, those left are in the fight of their life for survival of the fittest. As long as a group, ethnic or party is in power promising her own distribution of loot, they are ready to justify and perpetrate his reign, no matter what. Crumbs hardly get to them, unfortunately. The feeling of being represented at the top is enough!

Why are the “Trumps” popular in America and Europe? When they see a wave of refugees from Asia and Africa promised democracy and freedom encouraged to overthrow their dictatorships, people have to wonder if they were duped. It is no longer the Russians that are coming it is the illegal aliens. Political correct phrase is that we are in favor of legal immigrants but against the illegal “aliens”. The fact is, they see no difference between the two when it comes to reality.

Jorge Ramos found out the hard way when he pushed too hard into Donald Trump’s press conference. He was told to go back to Univision inside and back to his country outside the hall. Each time the census points to the future majority in America, it chills some spines of the present majority. Indeed, the Asians are not too far behind. So words that are not political acceptable just a few months ago are their norm today, like “anchor babies”.

Some countries in Europe have changed their laws so that the new generation of babies born inside their countries cannot claim citizenships. The push is on in America to change the constitution. If children born in America are being pushed against, then you know it is not about the illegals. Nobody wants to repeat the mistake of the American Indians in their own land.

Donald Trump have never met a beautiful foreign woman, he never wanted to marry. Indeed his children are first generation Americans on the mother’s side. Yet, he is the one championing “anchor babies”. This is a man that employed Hispanics for their low wages in construction business and does business with Mexico and imports from China for maximum profit, yet his campaign is that of a hypocrite that condemns everything he gained from.

The real irony of this is that extremists draw more of their support from blue collar workers that have lost their unions that paved the middleclass lives for many. The same people against wage increase, that ship their jobs overseas looking for low wage workers and refuse to reward high productivity are exploiting what they created in the first place. Talking about cutting your nose to spite your face, those are the blue workers of Europe and America.

Go back on the line. There are Hispanics, Asians and African Americans that see themselves just    as Americans and kick hard against illegal “aliens” while the Irish, English and Scottish celebrate their heritage and make immigration laws and regulations easier on their old countries. If you do not dissolve into Anglo Europe or American culture, you are an invader trying to take over. We can’t blame people for preserving their majority, dominance and heritage by low birth rate.

It cuts both ways. Gadhafi warned the Europeans that if they overthrew him, they would regret it since he had worked hard to keep African refugees away. Arab refugees? It is now worse than he predicted. The spread of democracy into culture of oligarchy, theocracy and dictatorship has limits pushed by extremist’s views present in every country, including democratic. The days of spreading Bible, Koran, Torah or any religion alien to a culture are like old wine in new bottles.

Mothers of soldiers are tired of losing their children to wars fighting for democracy, religion and political parties. One would think that the religions that are supposed to instill the fear of God in us have turned man into brutes always developing a better way to kill and eliminate “other” people different and even like them. Political and religious extremists must be stopped!

The only way to solve the refugee problem from Africa and Asia is for the western countries to stop exploitation of the poor with fair trade, stop encouraging looters and coups to overthrow conscientious leaders like Congo’s Lumumba so that that Africans can be provided for at home.