The #JanjaweedConnection: Boko Haram Unraveling

A lot has happened really quickly in recent weeks in regard to the unraveling of the Boko Haram deadly sect.  We have several breaking news events that all fit as pieces of the treacherous puzzle. I will attempt herein to arrange some of these with some chronology so we appreciate how far we have come in understanding the world’s worst terror organization and what we need to do.

The Beginning of the Unraveling

With the abduction of 234 Chibok Angels on April 14th, 2014, Boko Haram finally outdid themselves. This abduction brought global focus and pressed the Nigerian Presidency after first trying to lie it away, pretending to have rescued the girls, then calling the teachers to harass them to try to harass it away; to finally invite global players to assist Nigeria solve what the Jonathan Government was totally unwilling or too incompetent to. The entrance of the USA, France, etc was useless and only succeeded in exposing how incompetent the Nigerian military was. But the real blessing if I dare use such word, of the abduction was the invitation of terror negotiator, Australian Dr. Stephen Davis. Stephen Davis was hired by the Jonathan Government to negotiate with Boko Haram. He was lodged in the capital and flown in Presidential private jets to Borno to meet with terror leaders.

The Named Sponsors

On August 29th, 2014, Davis made some revelations that will shake Nigeria to its foundations. In a recorded video interview with Arise TV, he named ex chief of army staff, COAS General Azubuike Ihejirika, and an extremely wealthy former Governor of Boko Haram plagued Borno State, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, aka SAS, as sponsors of the sect. He also said there was a CBN employee working currently at the bank who helped transfer funds between Nigeria and Egypt. [Watch video:] General Azubuike Ihejirika was fired by President Jonathan in January of 2014 within the 14 day ultimatum given by Lawyer Festus Keyamo, because he was illegally appointed COAS without senate approval, and after Lawyer Festus Keyamo won a case against the Federal Government of Nigeria, his legitimacy as Chief of Staff was stripped and President Jonathan had to fire him and the other Chiefs who had been in office illegitimately. Ruling by Justice A. Bello of the Federal High Court, Abuja on July 1, 2013. [See: ] General Azubuike had been the head of the army since 2010, since Goodluck Jonathan became President of Nigeria and for the entire lifespan of Boko Haram II.

Prayers of Oppressed Chibok Angels

Why did Davis expose these sponsors? In his words: “The former Canon Emeritus at Coventry Cathedral, UK, said he decided to come out to speak now because the Nigerian authorities were not acting fast and he was heart-broken by the evils being done to the kidnapped Chibok girls and the many other girls and boys being kidnapped. “I have three daughters. I just cannot stand the thought of what those girls are passing through. I have spoken to an escapee who described how she was being raped for 40 days by militants. I can’t stand it. It is heart-breaking.” [See:]

Indeed it was the Chibok Angels, and their prayers from Sambisa forest that finally unraveled Boko Haram to Nigeria and the entire world. It was this wicked abduction, that was the one too many, that got Stephen to expose all when he got safely back to Australia. The last Nigerian who exposed some information about the sect, Nigeria’s former National Security Adviser, late  Andrew Azazi did not see Christmas the year he dared to speak, exposing the ruling PDP party as involved in sponsorship of the sect.

I had not too long earlier, on August 19th to be precise, which happened to be my birthday, in exasperation, penned an article in which I, under a wave of inspiration, foretold that this abduction, these very Chibok Angels who Nigeria could not save, will be the ones to save Nigeria with their prayers and the promise of the Creator to the oppressed. Thousands of Nigerians said “Ameen” to the prayers in the viral article with 3600 “likes”/ Amens. [See:]

Big Oil and the Francophone Conspiracy

Documents at our disposal paint a thorough picture of a francophone conspiracy against Nigeria involving Chad as chief culprit, Niger republic and France. It is all about oil, shared oil fields. Big corp oil multinationals are exiting Nigeria as they source oil from new oil producers with which the sign long-term deals. As the scramble for Africa continues and dealing with Nigeria gets more complicated and unstable, big corp has taken to dealing with Nigeria’s neighbors for the same sweet crude under Nigeria’s soil. The loss of the Bakassi peninsula at the Hague has given Cameroon access to tap oil under Nigeria’s soil from the Gulf of Guinea. It’s called drilling from common oil pools. With 3D drilling, Cameroon takes the same oil under our shores legally; this is called the “Rule of capture.” In same vein, the Chad basin which is centered at Lake Chad holds millions of barrels of oil reserves. Chad and Niger are Africa’s new oil exporters; Chad taps oil from the Lake Chad basin for export. Chaos in Nigeria prevents Nigeria from exploring oil in the Chad basin which spans Adamawa, Yobe and Borno States. Northeastern Boko Haram chaos therefore favors the French connection and provides an impetus for terror sponsorship. [See ENDS’ more extensive write-up on this:] According to Enough Project’s field researcher Kasper Agger, Chad is literally doing the same thing to Central African Republic, CAR: “Chad is drilling oil from that border region and it’s actually a shared oilfield with CAR,” Agger said. While there is no drilling on the CAR side yet, Chad has high interest in keeping tight control over the area.” [See:] ExxonMobil, Petronas and Chevron funded the drilling of 300 wells in the Doba field of southern Chad at the CAR border. Chad had promised joint exploration with CAR, but reneged and has been the only State harvesting the oil of which only a tiny part is under Chadian soil with most under CAR territory. The Idriss Deby Chadian government has been accused of sponsoring terror, instability and military coups in CAR. We are talking about a very brutal dictator who has earned himself the love of the colonial masters and a temporary seat at the Security Council, thanks to the continued chaos in neighboring African States and the continued stark illiteracy and poverty in his despite over 10 years oil  exportation, both to his credit.

The French maintain two military bases in Chad, one in Abeche where Modu Sheriff is reported to have organized training camps for Boko Haram terrorists. [See:]

Boko Haram success would literally be installing a francophone friendly administration over the affairs of the Chad basin central to Chadian and Nigerien wealth and ultimately to French interests. Chad could also be considering annexing the basin. It can be recollected that in the 80’s General Muhammad Buhari with the 21st Armored division recaptured 19 annexed Nigerian Islands from Habre’s Chadian forces. [See:] Boko Haram properly studied is not on mission to rule the people of Borno, but is more demonstrably trying to wipe them out. All towns invaded are not ruled as a “Caliphate” would, but burned down with all inhabitants either killed or recruited. This goes along with an ulterior mission to exterminate and displace human life, and capture only the land and its resource.

Chadian Abu Mahjin sets-up Boko Haram II

abu mahjinWhen was terror exported from Chad to Nigeria? First let us introduce the President of Chad: Idriss Deby is a militant and a Janjaweed in the real sense of it. After being expelled from Chad, President Idriss Deby came into power in a 1990 coup after he led a Janjaweed rebel army from Sudan to take over Chad. Deby is married to Amani, the daughter of Sudan’s Janjaweed militia leader, Musa Hilal. In 2012 Deby paid $26 million dowry for her hand. He has a tight bond with ex-Borno Governor, Ali Modu Sheriff who is driven in official escorts in Chad and is a chief backer of the President. They are partners in crime, co-sponsor violent militant operations and gun running. Nigeria’s Boko Haram militants trained in camps in Chad, Niger and Cameroon. This article from September 10th, 2014 first exposed the Chadian leadership in Boko Haram crises: []

Modu Sheriff runs Chad. His SAS petroleum is highly invested in the Chad oil and gas industry. The more and longer Nigeria does not explore the Chad basin, the more secure his fortunes are. Modu Sheriff reportedly took both former President Olusegun Obasanjo and current President Goodluck Jonathan to Chad to introduce them to this lucrative business.

Abu Mahjin comes into the picture at the initiation of Boko Haram II. United States intelligence officers first picked the scent of his terror sponsorship activities in Nigeria in 2009. A Wikileaks document gives: “Abu-Mahjin (Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) number 24350378), who has limited ties to al-Qa’ida associates, recently traveled to Nigeria. He may be planning to conduct or facilitate a terrorist operation. Indeed, tearline from May 1 claimed, “An Islamic extremist named Abu-Muhjin has recently been in northeast Nigeria. It is likely that he will be joined by other Islamic extremists in the coming weeks.” More recent tearline stated, “Nigerian-based probable Chadian extremist Abu-Mahjin is keen to obtain more funds in connection with some sort of nefarious activity (possibly terrorism related) he is engaged in.” []

The Yusufiyyah Boko Haram I movement was decimated by late President Musa Yar’Adua in 2009. Apparently to continue the “beneficial” destabilization of Nigeria as was easy with the ripe climate of the nation’s poverty stricken north for terror; Abu Mahjin was recruited from Chad to go re-establish terror in Nigeria. Working with Nigerian top government and political partners, Abu Mahjin established the deadly Boko Haram II in October of 2010 after the MEND Abuja Independence Day bombing. [See:] There were coincident benefits for the re-establishing of Boko Haram terror for the ruling party at this time and the francophone hawks.

Chad has remained a relatively safe home for Boko Haram terrorists when they flee the Nigerian army; they and their wives on several occasions relocated to Chad to escape and recoup. Chad has also been a route of guns and narcotics supply and trade for the terrorists. Nigeria is boxed among several French speaking countries that do not necessarily have its best interests at heart. It is no accident that the illusive Boko Haram leader, the first Shekau who was reported killed in August of 2013 during the meaningful phases of the State of Emergency was a terrorist from Niger republic. Reanalyzing Boko Haram II, this can be best described as a war being waged on Nigeria by its neighbors, with their warriors as its leaders and originating from their soil.

Cat Out Of Bag: The President Jonathan, Sheriff Janjaweed Chad Visit

President Jonathan and Governor Sheriff’s urgent visit to Chad days after Sheriff had been exposed by Dr Stephen Davis was the last piece of the puzzle. The duo were summoned to restore investor confidence for their enterprise in Chad. This is why the urgency of the visit despite the controversy the president knew it would cause and why the photo-op. Jonathan had to show the Chadians that he stood by Modu Sheriff and all their arrangements will remain intact.

Boko Haram had been sustained by Nigeria’s military chiefs, with arms, vehicles and immunity, to protect these top government officials, Jonathan, Sheriff and co’s investments in Chad as well as being an invaluable tool of political intimidation and harassment. Boko Haram also brought in amazing big bucks. $18 billion pumped in the so-called war on terror over the five years of the administration was a stupendous cash source for the army chiefs. No one really cared about the destruction to the lives of “those poor northerners.” Now the statement of current Governor of Borno makes sense when he said that if he began to spill the beans on Boko Haram, “big heads will roll.” They are rolling.

What’s said right is Divine inspiration, what’s said wrong is mortal shortcoming.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian