Kaduna Ulama Council Blasted For Calling For Sen Laah, CAN President’s Arrest

“Know that a person is either your brother in faith or your equal in humanity.” -Imam Ali (as)

The above eternal words were part of the famous letter of Imam Ali (as), Cousin and Son-In-Law to Prophet Muhammad (sa), to his Supreme military commander Malik Al-Ashtar when he sent him as Governor of Egypt to replace the murdered Muhammad Ibn Abubakar (ra). The late Nigerian Christian leader Chief Sunday Awoniyi described this letter as the greatest document of good governance ever written in human history.

I saw the above-named news report from the Vanguard Daily NewsPaper of today (10/01/2017) where the Kaduna state “Council of Imams & Ulama” made inhuman utterances about the brutal slaughter of 800+ defenseless Nigerians in Southern Kaduna by bloodthirsty murderous terrorists. Vanguard NewsPaper reported:

“The Council of Imams and Ulama, Kaduna State, has called for the arrest of Senator representing Southern Kaduna Senatorial Zone, Senator Danjuma La’ah; President, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Dr. Samson Ayokunle, and the President of Southern Kaduna Peoples Union, SOKAPU, Dr. Musa Solomon, among others, for what it said were their inflammatory comments over Southern Kaduna killings.”

The “Council of Imams and Ulama” did not condemn the inhuman massacre of defenseless Nigerians, they did not send condolence messages to the families of the victims of the massacre, they did not call for the arrest and prosecution of the murderous terrorists, they did not call on President Buhari and Governor Nasir Elrufai to provide adequate security to the endangered Nigerians. What this “Council of Imams and Ulama” did was to call for the arrest and prosecution of those Nigerians calling for justice and fairness. This is a clear manifestation of inhumanity that do not represent true Islam.

God sent Prophet Muhammad (sa) as a mercy to the whole world, mercy and compassion must be among the qualities of followers of this seal of all Prophets and Messengers of God. More than 800 Nigerians were brutally slaughtered and what this inhuman Council did was to celebrate the massacre and justify it. The fact that the victims were Christians and the murderous terrorists Muslims is immaterial, terrorism is terrorism and the identity of victims do not change the definition of terrorism. Defenseless civilians that included women and children were slaughtered and the government of the day does nothing to protect them and apprehend the criminals, this is most unfortunate.

This is not the first time that the Kaduna state “Council of Imams and Ulama” displayed gross inhumanity, they did the same thing during the ZariaMassacre of 1000+ Nigerians that occurred in December 2015. The Council then celebrated the brutal killings of 1000+ Shia Muslims, rape and destruction of religious sites and properties by the Nigerian army that were ordered by President Buhari. Such display of inhumanity is never Islam that was sent by God to Prophet Muhammad (sa), this is a clear manifestation of the deviant cult of Wahhabism that destroyed the humanity of Islam and replaced it with Savage inhumanity. Mercy, compassion and tolerance are words alien to followers of Wahhabism but are embedded ingredients of Islam.

Some bloodthirsty sadist are trying to justify the present killings in Southern Kaduna as “revenge” for the 2011 post-election violence. Yes there was post-election violence in 2011 due to the provocative and unguarded utterances of the present Nigerian president Buhari who then lost an election but why the “revenge” after all these years? And how about the 100s of Christians that were brutally murdered and burnt alive during that post-election violence? Should their own people also seek “revenge” against Muslims for their love ones killed in the North?

One of the most unfortunate revelation of the Southern Kaduna killings is the confession of Kaduna state Governor Elrufai that he paid the murderous terrorists huge sum of money not to kill Nigerians in Southern Kaduna. The terrorists used that money to buy sophisticated weapons and continued with the killings. That means Governor Elrufai paid for the weapons that were used to kill 800+ defenseless Nigerians in Southern Kaduna. Sadly today there are mass graves of Nigerians killed by these murderous terrorists funded by Governor Elrufai. Mass graves of the 1000+ Shia civilians killed by the Nigerian army also exist. The notorious Elrufai has turned into an evil collector of mass graves of innocent Nigerians.

On a final note, my heartfelt condolences to the families of the Southern Kaduna killings and may God grant them the fortitude to bear the great losses.

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]