#KadunaProvocation: Islamic Movement Leader, Zakzaky Reveals Plan By Security Agents to Assassinate Him

Sheikh Zakzaky, bereaved of three sons
Nigeria's Chief or Army, Kenneth Minimah
Nigeria’s Chief or Army, Kenneth Minimah

Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has revealed plans by the Nigerian security to kill him through series of machinations.

Zakzaky stated this at the end of his weekly Tafsir held at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria. He also alerted on the plot to unleash further violence on the forthcoming fortieth day prayer session for the Quds Martyrs in Zaria, scheduled for next week Wednesday.

His statement which was read in Hausa was translated to English by Stephen Lawan.

“God’s willing, next week Wednesday will be fortieth day of our Quds Day martyrs, and we intend to conduct the fortieth day prayer for our martyrs, and Arba’een supplications, as we did on the third and seventh day memorial prayer gatherings. It is going to be purely a prayer session, for this reason let every city and town conducts its own separate prayers in the way they can. The supplications may include Jaushanil Kabeer, Al-Qamah, and other supplications as the case may be.

kaduna provocationThe supplication should be in four segments. Firstly, pray to Allah to accept the martyrdom of our martyrs, grant them eternal rest and rise them among the chosen souls; secondly, pray to Allah to grant the families of those killed the fortitude to bear the loss, reward and strengthen them; thirdly, invoke Allah’s wrath on the killers; may He avenge their blood and destroy them, most especially those whose hands were visible in the killings, such as Colonel S.O. Oku, and those who assisted and backed him. Fourthly, pray to Allah to open the eyes of the whole Muslims to the truth, follow and abide it. Let the blood of those killed be the step towards realization of the truth (religion), and an end to the current spillage of innocent blood of Muslims. This should be the prayer; therefore one must not come to Zaria to do this.

From all indications, this blood-thirsty government still wants to shed more innocent blood. The fact that they have killed three of my sons, specifically, they still want more, it is my life they are after now at all cost. These days, we pass by pre-planned security ambush whenever we went to or come back from Hussainiyyah. On Monday, they ignited a false flag chaos at one filling station with full intention to shoot. We don’t know why they stationed soldiers there. They are still there since after the incident occurred.

They have their own “Shia” among the security, whom they use to ignite and instigate chaos. They were told to be on red alert, as they were going to be attacked, and those (manufactured) “Shi’a” among the security, acting on their dictates, confronted them. A group of snipers in suits, headed by one professional sniper called Nyam, were on standby. The plan was that, they will ignite an upheaval as we were passing, and they will open fire on us. We however passed by without any problem. We heard rowdiness from the scene while we were inside here. While the rowdy situation lasted, they informed those stationed at Kofar Doka to come over; they took positions with guns in strategic routes, up to the second bridge.

zakb05To heighten tension, a (security alert) whistle was blown in barrack, to put all soldiers on red alert and combat ready- emergency situation. We passed by and went home, nothing happened. Nyam (the sharp shooter) and his team were seen passing along Hussainiyyah to where they were lodged at Jim Harrison Hotel. They were specially brought here to kill. An American in a tinted Jeep, with some soldiers was sighted near Union Bank communicating with a walkie-talkie. From the look of it, he was monitoring the event. With all the prevailing situations, we finally reached home safely.

The sole aim of their masters was to cause chaos and anarchy in the country, not minding the consequences. That is all they are after.

While I was here yesterday on study session with the Sisters, six vehicles full with soldiers and police (Operation Yaki) went to Gyellesu under the pretext of arresting those who defied (government law of) carrying passengers on motorcycles. Why Gyellesu? Why did they decide to embark on arrest of the offenders while I was on my way home from Hussaiiyyah? People stood along the road in fear, knowing that these people were up to no good. They caused prolonged traffic jam, but we passed through it. When they saw that I found my way home, they left. That was the end of the operation. They wanted ignite and cause chaos to achieve their goal, when they realized it was not possible, and did not show any sign of violent reaction, they became disappointed. But they will not give up.

We have information that they planned to detonate bombs during the fortieth day prayer congregation (Arba’een). They have also produced many red and black flags with YA HUSAIN inscription. The flags are there in the barrack right now. It is possible they will unleash an offensive, then place a flag there and attribute it to Shi’a. They may also use the flags to infiltrate into the fortieth day prayer session, and be part of it. Therefore, let no one carry or bring a flag. We are to carry out supplications, not procession. Let the soldiers carry the flags, if they dare. We are going to meet, pray and disperse to our destinations. We did it on the third and seventh day. Let them come and detonate the bombs, or shoot at the congregation of people praying. They may also decide to melt into us and cause chaos.

zakb06We learnt that, after the incident they brought their people (in plain clothes) here so that they would continue the shooting. We were alerted that six vehicles full of soldiers in plain clothes were seen heading for Zaria; they were on instruction to melt into us. A woman was arrested wearing Hijab, but she had underneath army uniform. They may be planning against the fortieth day (Arba’een).

We also learnt that they are going to receive a delivery of dangerous weapons that would be used for the first time on us. So lethal were some of the bullets they used on us, which were never tested anywhere. They used them for the first time on us during the Quds Day procession. Those who were injured during the shooting are now going back for another treatment, because it was discovered that tiny bullets were discovered in their bodies without them knowing at the initial stage. The bullets they used were very tiny, that one could hardly see where it pierced through at that point in time, until after a careful observation. Therefore, those who were injured should see the doctor again, because they used on us highly dangerous bullets that were never used on any one. They tried them for the first time on us. Now they are going to use newly manufactured dangerous weapons on us; we, their enemies.

Let everyone work according to his dictates. Allah is our Avenger; we know you are ignorant of Him, but you will surely see His handiwork, and soon!’’

It could be recalled that last year at the climax of Maulud celebration annually commemorate the birthday of the Holy Prophet with a rally round the city of Zaria attended by million Muslims across and beyond Nigeria, the Leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqub Zakzaky exposed an international agenda to assassinate him, suppress Islamic resurgence and balkanize Nigeria.

zakb2Sheikh Zakzaky was commenting on the current Boko Harama crises, which he described as a hoax and a smoke –screen to suppress Islamic revival in Nigeria. According to him, a US based company, Patrick Williams, was contracted to bring chaos in Nigeria. The company, which said specializes in killing people, has three terms of reference: to kill him, tarnish the image of Islam and balkanize Nigeria along religious boundaries. He said, Patrick Williams who runs the company, is Briton but resides in the United States.

Around 1 am, Saturday (14th June 2014), six military vehicles comprising Jeeps and Hilux vans, with fully masked combat-ready security personnel stormed Gyellesu area, residence of Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

The visit came shortly after the Sheikh came back from Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah for the Nisfu Sha’aban commemoration, where he exposed plan by the Nigerian government through its western conspirators to assassinate him before the holy month of Ramadan or any day in the month.

Guards at the Sheikh’s residence repelled the attack with shouts of “Ya Mahdi!” that echoed through the night, and in great fear the attackers fired shot and took to their heels.

Commenting further on the failed plot at the Hurras (Guards) parade marking the Nisf Sha’aban yesterday, Sheikh Zakzaky alleged that the attackers were CIA and MOSSAD Members, for they were fully masked with full hand gloves to cover the colour of their skin. “They hold the concept of White Superiority, which they formed through the Klu Klux Klan cult”.

zakb1According to him, the initial plan was to lay ambush on his convoy on his way back from the Nisfu Sha’aban commemoration on Friday, but heavy downpour thwarted their evil plan.

He assured that their plan will always be in vain, saying “They came with the intent of executing a massacre, but our strength lies with God, and unto Him we entrust our lives”.

Sheikh Zakzaky reiterated that, the objective of the MOSSAD and CIA operatives and their SSS allies in Nigeria was not to rescue the abducted girls but to silence the Islamic Movement which has remained the only voice contrary to their actions. “They think they can do everything and no expect everyone to keep silence. We can never be intimated into silence. This is why we became their target”.

The Leader further emphasized that the alleged abduction of school girls was a deception and a ploy to pave way for the official entry of U.S. military into Nigeria to actualize their heinous agenda. “Right from the onset, on their entry, the clearly spelt out their mission. Therefore the girls were abducted by the Nigerian government as a smokescreen, only to release some, as escapees, to make it look real”.