Kanye West Beats the Ish Out Of Paparazzo at LAX [Video]

July 20, 2013

Paramedics were called after Kanye West clashed with a photographer at Los Angeles International airport on Friday.

The 36-year-old, who recently welcomed his first child with Kim Kardashian, was involved in an altercation with a paparazzo who was behaving in a ‘aggressive’ manner, according to TMZ.

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Clash: Kanye West was involved in an altercation with a photographer at LAX on Friday

Clash: Kanye West was involved in an altercation with a photographer at LAX on Friday

Lashing out: The rapper lost his temper at the snapper as he left the terminal

Lashing out: The rapper lost his temper at the snapper as he left the terminal


He is understood to have been exiting the terminal with a bodyguard surrounded by approximately five paparazzi.

The photographer firied off a string of questions despite Kanye asking him not to.

Kanye allegedly attempted to throw several punches and the man fell down, the website reports.

Paramedics and police were called to the scene and the photographer was taken away in an ambulance, while Kanye left with his bodyguard in their car.

Kanye WestArrival: Kanye is seen looking solemn as he walks out of LAX and is greeted by a group of photographers, one of whom tries to engage with him


Kanye WestOutburst: Kanye grapples with a photography at LAX before pushing him to the floor aggressively


Kanye West His own worst enemy: By attacking the paparazzi Kanye only caused more attention from other snappers on the scene


Kris Jenner All talk: Kris Jenner claims Kanye West doesn’t have a temper during an interview on the same day


A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Airport Police said in a statement to X17online: ‘Today at approximately 2:00 p.m., at the Tom Bradley International Terminal (on the arrival level curbside), Los Angeles Airport Police officers were flagged down by a citizen (photographer) who alleged that he was taking pictures of an individual when he was battered by the subject.’

‘The alleged subject was not at the location nor was he observed by officers at the scene.’

Adding: ‘LAFD was notified, responded to the location and transported the victim to a local hospital for medical attention. A police report was taken by the Los Angeles Police Department and the investigation is ongoing.’

The rapper has made no secret of his contempt for photographers and just last week he went on a furious rant while at the same airport after a  snapper complimented his music.

‘Don’t talk, don’t talk to me,’ he said in the outburst while grabbing the camera.

However, Kanye, appears to be completely oblivious to the fact that his girlfriend and mother of his child, Kim Kardashian, 32, is a reality star who has made her name through constantly being photographed and followed by cameras.

Kim and her family have allowed camera crews into their homes since their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians became a hit in 2007 following Kim’s sex tape scandal.

KanyeOutburst: Police officers arrived at the scene to investigate


Since then, all members of the family have relied on reality television to acquire fame, actively seeking out press and publicity to enhance their careers.

But it seems that Kanye has had trouble adjusting to the lifestyle.

Sadly for the Kardashians, Kanye’s violent outburst took place on the same day that Kim’s mother Kris Jenner insisted that the rapper does not have a temper.

Kanye West Hurt: The photographer that Kanye West attacks is seen falling to his knees and was later given medical assistance


Kanye WestViolent: Kanye West almost seemed surprised that photographer was unable to get up after the brawl at LAX


The 57-year-old made the comments whilst appearing on The Talk on Friday, although now seem completely redundant in light of Kanye’s recent attack.

‘Knowing Kanye and I do know him very, very well and I am very close to him…he doesn’t have a short temper like everybody thinks.’ she said.

Talking about the first incident which took place last month, she added: ‘So we don’t know, I don’t know. I am just only seeing this for the first time. So I don’t know what happened before that so I don’t want to comment or judge on something when I wasn’t there.’

‘None of us know the fifteen minutes that happened before that and how crazy they could have gotten.

‘I think what happens with anybody who gets upset over something with paparazzi-related issues is that they are obviously provoked to an extent that we don’t see nothing about,’ she said.

Kanye WestMedical attention: The paparazzi was treated to by paramedics following Kanye’s outburst on Friday


Kanye West Damage: After Kanye’s lashed out, the photographer was treated to medical assistance immediately at LAX airport

KanyeHelp: An ambulance arrived at the scene and took the photographer away to be treated for his injuries

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