#LekkiMassacreMissing: Images of Over 30 Missing After Buhari Recent Massacre of Unarmed Protesting Youth

  • The public is advised to please use hashtag #LekkiMassacreMissing to post information on or about missing and found persons from the Lekki Massacre and more recent #IllorinMassacre


As more reports keep seeping in on how the Nigerian army under command of General Buratai, in his signature Rule of Engagement, RoE, carted away the killed and dying after the massacre on Lekki youth protesters, lists of missing loved ones have been gathered for the public’s attention and assistance.

Over 30 and by some records, as many as 90 were killed in this latest massacre and mass secret burial by the Buhari government. This follows the same pattern where over 1000 youth were killed by the Nigerian army in Zaria and secretly buried in mass graves at Mando cemetery. It also follows similar patterns in Abia massacre and the more recent 2017 Abuja massacre.

A single current list of missing persons as can be found here, holds as many as 30 names and pictures of unfortunate youth: https://www.facebook.com/nnena.omali/posts/10158203408214017

We have taken some time to post some of these here:

Some from Twitter