Maiduguri: Boko Haram Gathering For Massive Second Attack On Capital


We have been informed reliably that the Boko Haram deadly sect did not take their defeat at Konduga lightly and are gathering their forces for a second major attempt to capture Maiduguri, the capital of Borno. They had determined to capture the capital city before the Muslim Eid festival which comes up by 5th October.

Boko Haram forces are coming out of Sambisa forest and gathering together at Maidurmari village in Konduga LGA.

alpha 1The problem reported from Borno is; firstly the Nigerian army, despite billions of US dollars supposedly spent, has no current capacity or plan to conduct first strikes on the terrorists, and always waits for them to gather and then the army attempts to defend. This is due to poor equipment, wages and depleted morale, as thoroughly described in prioer reports. It is common knowledge that the Nigerian army has been enervated by corruption of its top command.

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Secondly, as NewsRescue exclusively reported Saturday, the sole Alpha jet used for aerial reconnaissance missions is missing. Baring talk of conspiracy and sabotage, the sheer loss of this aircraft has put the forces in Borno in the blind and practically neutralized their advantage. It is a shame that of all the billions, Nigeria’s army chiefs, Ihejirika, Badeh, Minimah and the rest could not acquire jets and drones for this war? One asks, where is all the largess? The President has 11 personal jets and brags of Nigeria private jet ownership, yet deprives the army of their needed few.

President, Service Chiefs
President, Service Chiefs

Boko Haram legions are expected to flow through Konduga and the Bama route towards Maiduguri any moment. It is hoped the Civilian-JTF and army are on the alert.

Abuja has also been implored to urgently release fighter jets for this war. For some reason, the Jonathan Presidency and army chiefs are not eager to have the needed jets delivered to the northeast to give the military forces the needed advantage to end this war once and for all.

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