Missing Osinbajo’s Touch Buhari Shockingly Blows Up P&ID Scandal, Attacks FaceBook, Twitter In UN Speech Major Fail


President Muhammadu Buhari read a very strange and unmeasured speech at the United Nations summit in New York Tuesday. The speech appeared to have been crafted by the idea bereft plagiarist speech writers of the past and appeared to lack the Osinbajo touch.

In the speech, Muhammadu Buhari blew up the P&ID scandal by which the Nigerian government lost $9.6 billion in a court judgement in the United Kingdom.

Rather than skip the ongoing national tragedy, the president brought this matter to the floor of the United Nations promising a “vigorous prosecution.” Analysts said by so doing the president is making a bad situation worse. “Vigorous prosecution” sounds like “vigorous persecution” which makes Nigeria less favorable to foreign investors.

President Muhammadu Buhari says Nigeria is sending a notice to criminal groups by its vigorous prosecution of the “P&ID scam attempting to cheat Nigeria”.

The president said:

“Organised criminal networks, often acting with impunity across international borders present new challenges where only collective action can deliver genuine results,” Buhari told the general assembly at the UN headquarters in New York.

“The present Nigerian government is facing the challenges of corruption head-on. We are giving notice to international criminal groups by the vigorous prosecution of the P&ID scam attempting to cheat Nigeria of billions of dollars.

“This is true in the battle against violent extremism, against trafficking in people and drugs and against corruption and money laundering.”

“The Nigerian government is prosecuting officials of P&ID Nigeria, after the P&ID registered in British Virgin Island secured a $9.6 billion award and interest against Nigeria.

“Some directors of P&ID Nigeria pled guilty in the country only last week.” The president said, again creating fear in foreign investors of executive manipulation of the judiciary in the swift judgement carried out against the company’s arm in Nigeria which bore the hallmarks of a controlled judgement.


The president also called out major tech companies, who he said were facilitating the spread of racist, xenophobic and false messages. It is believed he was referring to major social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and the like.

“The world was shocked and startled by the massacre in New Zealand by a lone gunman taking the lives of 50 worshippers.” Buhari said.

It is uncertain how the New Zealand attack is linked to social media.

“This and similar crimes which have been fuelled by social media networks risk seeping into the fabric of an emerging digital culture. Major tech companies must be alive to their responsibilities.” The president went on to say, showing his great fears for freedom of speech and enhanced public speech via social media platforms.

“They cannot be allowed to continue to facilitate the spread of religious, racist, xenophobic and false messages capable of inciting whole communities against each other, leading to loss of many lives. This could tear some countries apart.” He continued.

Nigeria’s president went on to attack industrial countries as leading uncoordinated development in Africa.

President Buhari called on industrial countries to take a long term view of Africa to ensure coordinated development of the continent.

“Current attempts to help develop Africa by industrial countries are un-coordinated and plainly incremental,” Buhari added.

“We have the skills, the manpower and the natural resources, but in many instances, we lack the capital – hence my plea for industrial countries to take a long-term view of Africa. We request you to come and partner with us to develop the continent for the benefit of all.

“Africa charges you with the singular task of initiating the effort we are calling for. The United Nations has in place processes for promoting collective action to combat global threats. No threat is more potent than poverty and exclusion.

“They are the foul source from which common criminality, insurgency, cross border crimes, human trafficking and its terrible consequences draw their inspiration.”


The president also spoke about the National Social Investment Programme, which he said can eventually eliminate poverty.

“Poverty in all its manifestations, remains one of the greatest challenges facing our world. Its eradication is an indispensable requirement for achieving sustainable development.”

“In this regard, Nigeria has developed a National Social Investment Programme – a pro-poor scheme that targets the poorest and most vulnerable households in the country.

“Under this initiative easy, access to financial services are facilitated to our traders, artisans, market women and co-operative societies. This type of initiative can help lessen and eventually eliminate mass poverty in Africa.

“At the core of our efforts to build an inclusive society, our programmes are focused on youth and women empowerment. These programmes aim at ensuring women and youth participation in governance, industry, climate action and agriculture.”