Most US voters believe there are only two genders – poll

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According to a Rasmussen Reports study issued on Thursday, more than seven in ten (71%) US adults agree with the statement “there are two genders, male and female.”

According to the poll, the vast majority of US people, even Democrats, do not support the transgender ideology promoted by corporate America and legacy media outlets.

The survey also revealed that left-wing politicians are out of touch with their constituents, with 67% of Democrats agreeing that male and female are the only genders. In fact, only 14% of Democrats disagree strongly with the assertion.

There is also considerable bipartisan support for laws barring minors from receiving transgender treatment, such as hormone therapy and sex-change procedures. According to the poll, 59% of Americans support a ban on hormone therapy for youngsters, up from 52% in February, and 62% feel surgical interventions should be prohibited.

Rasmussen claims that a majority of Democrats think that adolescents should not have access to sex-change therapies. Almost three-quarters (74%) of US voters reject allowing schools or teachers to coach children on sexual identification without parental approval.

At least 18 states in the United States have passed legislation or implemented rules banning transgender therapy for adolescents, a trend that Democratic leaders have condemned as prejudiced and damaging to children.

“I’ve met a lot of parents of trans kids in the past couple of months who have told me these devastating stories, whether they’re in Texas or Oklahoma or wherever they are, saying how they now have to seriously consider leaving their state to protect their child,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in May. “That is something we must continue to emphasize and emphasize.” These are children. These are our children. They are all of ours.”

Rasmussen’s poll’s release coincided with the start of Pride Month, a celebration of LGBTQ culture and activism backed by large corporations. Conservatives have launched financially destructive boycotts in response to Pride-themed messages this year.

Target, for example, has lost roughly $13 billion in market value in the last two weeks as a result of public outrage over its marketing of Pride items to youngsters. Bud Light beer sales have dropped nearly 30% due to consumer outrage over the brand’s marketing effort with transgender celebrity Dylan Mulvaney.

According to Mark Mitchell, Rasmussen’s head pollster, opposition to corporate advertising on the issue could be fueling increased support for restrictions on transgender treatments for youngsters. “It would be ironic if their little publicity stunt is what essentially caused a massive 13-point swing in support for laws prohibiting transgender treatment.”