Kidnappers: Mr. President; After Zamfara, Ningi Local Government Should Be Next

by Comrade Alhassan Haruna Dambatta,

This is not an open letter, but an independently confirmed and verified activities of some kidnappers in Ningi town and by extention Zamfara state as reported through an exclusive interview with Aminu Yunusa Ningi, a prince of Ningi town.

The recent report circulated is that, the town of Ningi is circulated and held captive by some various gangs of kidnappers. Everyone in Ningi is tensed by the activities of these kidnappers who have turned the criminal act of kidnapping into a robust and prosperous venture.
Many people in Ningi town, including wealthy men, women, children have been victims of the dreaded kidnappers.

While the initial onus of this menace was a spill over of criminals engaged in cattle rustling, housed by the vast forest of Zamfara state, and the various affiliate bushes around Zamfara and Bauchi state. Now the criminals have transferred their activity to Ningi town, a local government occupied from outside by criminals engaged in kidnapping business, unfortunately though, the Ningi people are the victims, kidnapped, bagged and transported to an unknown destination, released only after ransom is paid.

The kidnappers are and seemed serious with their business, hence, they remained merciless, heartless and unrepented in their quest to increase their income, an income made from money paid as ransom by innocent Ningi people.

The last heard, was the kidnapping of Alhaji Mato Bura, a known man in Ningi town, he was whisked, held, and released only after a heavy ransom was paid.

The recent visit to Zamfara state, paid by His Excellency, president Muhammad Buhari was in order and timely, timely only during his visit, because the issue has been there since the tenure of former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Zamfara was occupied by these vagabonds who have flourished to the detriment of Ningi town and its people.

The kidnappers are on the move in Ningi, they have sworn to remain in their position, that is why they daily invites their colleques from their various dungeons to come to Ningi, where the business of kidnapping is a legitimate business.

The federal government have deployed a team of anti – kidnapping squad to Zamfara state axis, forgetting that the kidnappers are now housed in the vast bushes of Ningi town, they have migrated in numbers, escaping the planned operations from Zamfara axis, the military there may meet an empty kidnappers dungeon, or better still meet some ragtag kidnappers within the parameter planned to be patrol, but the action is in Ningi local government because the kidnappers are housed there.

This issue have persisted for a long time and will require timely and efficient response by the federal government, a cordon and search operations must be initiated from both sides of Zamfara and Ningi local government of Bauchi state, the criminals must be quickly and mercilessly evacuated to hell fire, they deserved it, they seek for it.

The criminal activities of cattle rustling and kidnapping must be eradicated from northern Nigeria, it has been there, that is why president Muhammad Buhari promised Nigerians during the election period, that he will be decisive and swift in dealing with the menace when he resumed office, but one year after, the menace have grown into a monster.

This cry is for Ningi people, forgotten by both the Nigerian state and the northern Nigeria, Ningi has been occupied and will need a timely response to eradicate this menace of kidnapping from its vast and peaceful town, held hostage by some bad people.

Comrade Alhassan Haruna Dambatta.
[email protected]

File photo of suspected herder kidnappers